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alkali recovery boiler

Application: circulating fluidized bed alkali recovery boiler for power plant in India

ZG engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of CFBC BOILER, which stands beyond the purview of IBR act.

Assuming that the cost of 10 t / h of gas hot water alkali recovery boiler purchase of 500,000, the annual depreciation amount of the boiler: 500000- (500,000 * 5%) / 10 = 497,500 yuan.

Will the gas-fired alkali recovery boiler cause air pollution in the process of operation? This problem, in the view of the Fangkuai boiler, the boiler manufacturer, is generally not, because after burning, gas-fired boilers produce carbon dioxide and water. As long as the carbon dioxide is treated and discharged after reaching the standard, then, if the gas-fired boiler is burned, it will produce carbon dioxide and water. Will not pollute the air, and also can achieve the goal of green environmental protection.

It is understood, Henan Luyi Bureau of Quality Supervision two clear priorities, strengthening from coal-fired alkali recovery boilers governance, strengthen clean coal regulatory two-pronged approach to help air pollution prevention and control.

In strengthening the management of coal-fired boilers, the council of 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and below will not carry out the inspection expires, no new ban in combustion zone, converted biomass briquette high-polluting fuel boilers. We found that the use of such boilers shall be banned according to law, be removed. 10-35 tons of steam per hour are no longer registered coal-fired boilers, in such boilers to urge them to a "coal to gas" or "coal to electricity." Currently, the county five of these boilers have been converted completed, emissions compliance, through acceptance.

Clean coal in strengthening supervision, the county council for production and sale of clean coal technology strict customs inspection. Staff depth of the county two clean coal production enterprises, the enterprise quality management system, laboratory use, production site, production and sales ledger, source of raw materials, the main responsibility for security, the key point of control the production process unfold strict supervision inspection, testing every batch of their products, to eliminate substandard coal products into the market.