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mdf dust fired steam boiler cotton bleaching plant

Living boiler: a boiler that provides low-parameter steam or hot water for various industrial and mining, enterprises, hotels, and service industries.

Water fitting accessories gas mdf dust fired steam boiler cotton bleaching plant steam boiler gas from two groups of spiral blade for uniform feed into the host machine, the spout into the mixing / stirring tank dry ash powder material supplied by the water supply means quantitative forced mixing, stirring, while We will meet the requirements of the material transport moisture to the discharge port, the purpose of eliminating dust. Take advantage of the characteristics of dust humidifier biaxially textured high stirring efficiency, tightly sealed system, no fly ash linen. Reducer compact, small footprint, stable transmission, low noise, uniform stirring blade good wear resistance, easy maintenance, reliable, high wear-resistant manganese steel blade structure, the device longer life than conventional devices, more durable. Connaught mechanical advantage Changzhou dust humidifier: a vibration system increases, so that it overcomes the problem of handling viscous dust-forming cylindrical wall bonded to, improve the adaptability humidifier, expanding the application range of the humidifier. And elastic coupling housing and the base, so that no influence on the whole rapping .2 native disposed flexible, chain drive and direct-coupled two forms, cycloidal gear reducer. Multi labyrinth seal grooves 3 in combination with a seal packing, reliable seal, shaft wear and light. 4 housing lined with wear-resistant iron-based alloy, high life, avoid excessive clearance gravity material caused by wear and tear. 5 large output (per hour stirrable humidification 200T), humidification uniform, reliable. 6 adjustable spray nozzle and a special water supply system, ensure that the material may be wet uniform. Dust humidifier often used in conjunction with other devices: star discharge: cutting object is uniform, to prevent damage to a large number of cutting the wire remote humidifying device: remote control, can save on labor costs! Pump: increasing the water pressure in the device, a larger area of ​​water diffusion, humidification better!

Before the end of December 2019, the new installed capacity of 340,000 kilowatts of new energy. Among them, the wind power installed capacity of 300,000 kilowatts; biomass 15,000 kilowatts; gas generating 25,000 kilowatts.

According to "Shanxi win the Battle of Blue Sky three-year action plan" (Jin Zheng Fa [2018] No. 30) "before the end of October 2020, the county (city) clean heating up to 100% coverage of built-up areas, rural areas clean heating cover rate strive to achieve more than 60 percent "requirement, in line with the requirements of the priority development of clean coal-fired heating and industrial waste heat heating establish other cleaning to clean the main central heating, coal to gas, coal and other heating supplemented by electric change, # 3 quality coal reveal all the details of the clean heating system.

Before the end of October 2019, the city completed the transformation of clean heating 81400, of which urban 02900, Zezhou 23200, 20100 Gaoping City, Yangcheng County, 20100, 07200 Lingchuan County, Qinshui County 07900. Ongoing supply of high-quality coal and replacement work, the city set up civilian clean coal supply point 21, clean coal alternative bulk coal users 21.3362 million.

Accelerating positive electricity as the focus of urban central heating project, the expansion of positive electricity heating area, the phasing out of the city heating company, constant light thermoelectric, constant light five heat plant and Shanxi Coal Northern Rock Shop Area central heating coal-fired boilers.

Before the end of September 2019, the completion of Jincheng Fusheng Iron & Steel Co., ultra-low emission transformation, ultra-low emissions to meet three conditions: First, the major production facilities and processes of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration to reach the ecological requirements of the Ministry of the Environment ultra-low emission limits, and all of the installation of flue gas line monitoring system and networking with the environment department; the second is stockyard stockpile and transport materials such as dust escaping point to be hermetically sealed, and set up air quality monitoring sites in the factory district; three iron ore, coal and other major production materials and products to achieve rail transport. 2019 October 15, Zezhou autumn Casting Co., Ltd., Shanxi Datong Casting Co., Ltd. and other nine metalworking enterprises sintering, hot stove, yard stockpile and material handling processes with reference to ultra-low emission requirements related to the transformation of the steel industry completion of the ultra-low emission renovation work.

Before the end of December 2019, complete steel, thermal power, coking, coal chemical industry, colored plume governance, promote other key enterprises to develop gas-related colored plume governance, an effective solution to sulfate, nitrate, ammonium secondary conversion problem.

Before the end of December 2019 to complete the materials steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, thermal power, coking, casting and other key industries such as coal-fired boilers (including waste) transportation, handling, storage, transfer and process fugitive emissions such as in-depth treatment.

Before the end of June 16.2019 years, the 34 key towns thermal power, iron and steel (metalworking), chemicals, coke, foundry, mining, coal washing (gangue) plant, heating, building materials (cement, quarries, lime kiln, commercial concrete, brick tile, ceramic) and other companies involved in the installation of bulk material handling unorganized dust monitoring facilities. The scientific development of industrial enterprises dust control program, a clear corporate responsibility flushing and watering areas. Before the end of May 2019, the city's business involving bulk material handling import and export of materials and installation of vehicle washing equipment uptime, installation of access control systems (automatic identification standards to achieve the release of the vehicle) and video surveillance systems (monitoring records kept for more than one year).

Before the end of September 2019, the city completed 52 sets of 4530 tons of steam, ultra-low emissions coal-fired heating boilers 65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boilers, as well as municipalities and districts and is located in the county (city) built-up area, biomass boilers jobs. Engineered, the reference oxygen content of 6% under conditions, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of not higher than 10 mg / m, 35 mg / m, 50 mg / m. To complete the transformation of the city low nitrogen gas boiler, the end of October 2019, 1940.15 tons of steam units 610 complete the combustion of gas boiler a low nitrogen transformation, after the completion of NOx emission is not higher than 50 mg / m.

The end of October 2019, the city gas generators flue-depth treatment is completed, in accordance with particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emission limits are not more than 30,200,300 mg / m execution.

Before the end of October 2019, steel, foundry, chemicals, and other enterprises to install CO CO emissions focus automatic on-line monitoring facilities; lime kiln flue gas companies to install continuous on-line monitoring facilities; the use of ammonia desulfurization and denitrification processes or business, the installation of continuous ammonia slip online monitoring facilities, all continuous on-line monitoring facilities and networking environment department.

Burner gas boilers were burned there a way to solve the gas boiler has been running well, but this can not be used suddenly, after checking to confirm that the burner is damaged up. What are the reasons can cause burner gas boiler is burned? For such problems, what can be the solution? Gas boiler burners burn have a relationship with a number of factors, for example, there may be a way to let the boiler temperature deviation high, has reached the upper limit of the allowable range, so that the high temperature flue gas furnace radiation heat of the burner is enhanced, the wall temperature of the burner nozzle is increased burning. It is also possible with a gas flame furnace boiler deflected about the base, because after testing found furnace temperature and burner nozzle with uneven distribution of temperature, wind speed and orifice layer with the four corners of boiler burners significantly uneven. In addition, gas burner boiler equipment standards at fault, not the end of a stable tangential firing, but also so that the other main reason for the flame base skewed. When adjusting the gas boiler, if the wind speed control of the secondary is too small, it will lead to too close the gas fire, the burner nozzle so that thermally deformed until failure. Further, when the adjustment is not timely gas boiler load changes the level of the upper orifice of the secondary throttle will be cooled so that the burner is not burning. After the burner for damage affecting the entire gas-fired boiler it is very large, so users in the usual course of adjustment is necessary to strengthen the control of the boiler, including the timely and quality control gas pressure changes in circumstances, gas and hot air to ensure reasonable ratio; when viewed ignition gas, adjust the size of the second damper, to change the operating angle of the operating layer when necessary; when the low load conditions change, to adjust the negative pressure combustion furnace, adjusting gas, the ratio of hot air, to ensure that the furnace coordination with the flame does not skew the layers of good gas opening. Further, the material can be appropriately improved gas burner in the boiler, it is recommended to select superior steel materials, wear resistant and adding functionality. Selection of swirler vanes refractory steel material, so to avoid burning due to swirling vanes configured fall burner opening deformation damage. In addition, be sure to strict accordance with the drawings need to adjust the gas boiler burners standards to ensure tangential firing flame in the furnace, ensure the stable operation of the gas boiler. On the practical application of gas-fired boiler There are many different applications and different habits, a variety of problems, if users also encountered other problems, you can consult our technical staff, to welcome the advice, we will the attitude of enthusiasm for your service needs.