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steam boiler used in for food processing industry

Intelligent modules boiler cloud platform is the Internet technology and traditional industrial boiler integration of innovative products and similar products will continue to emerge. Armed boiler technology, will be the only way out of the predicament of traditional industrial boilers.

Hot water boiler feed water speed and scale with the ability to hot water boilers are often used in hotels, hotel, baths, offices, etc., when in operation for us to be reasonable and proportional speed control of water with the following'll tell you about the boiler load capacity and the speed ratio of the belt water: a, the stronger the greater the proportional band 1 load capacity, each of the hot water boiler station changes according to the size of the load carried by the respective main regulator of the proportional band. 2, the fuel conditioning subsystem using the steam turbine power - Frequency electrohydraulic control system similar to the feedforward - feedback cascade control system. 3, the main regulator proportional regulator, the steam turbine power - frequency electro-hydraulic control system of a frequency corresponding to a difference amplifier which corresponds to droop ratio with the steam turbine, the size represents the size of the boiler with a load capacity, proportional band The larger, the stronger the boiler with a load capacity. 4, the sub-controller uses proportional-integral regulator, the steam turbine power - the power conditioner frequency electro-hydraulic control system, respectively. 5, the amount of fuel introduced into the feedback signal, and the power turbine - steam turbine introducing a pressure signal frequency electro-hydraulic control system corresponds to which function is to quickly eliminate the amount of fuel boiler spontaneous disturbance. Second, the water should not be too fast a speed, water should not be excessive speed before the start, winter is generally not less than 4h, the other seasons 2 ~ 3h, especially in the beginning of the water should be slow. 2, generally at 50-90 deg.] C water temperature, so that the temperature difference between the feedwater and the steam drum into the drum wall temperature is not more than 40 ℃. Not fully cooled, water temperature cf. drum wall temperature can be, or should be slow water velocity. 3, when the feed water entering the drum is always in contact with the first drum half wall, if the water temperature and the drum wall temperature difference is too large, the influent fast speed, upper and lower walls of the drum, the inner and outer wall will have a greater differential expansion, resulting in a large drum to additional stress, causing deformation of the drum, when severe cracks. 4, since the thick-walled drum, slow expansion, the wall of the tube is connected to the drum wall is thin, expanded rapidly. If the temperature is too high or water boiler feed water too fast, uneven expansion will cause the weld cracks, damage. Water speed before starting hot water boiler should not be excessive, with the ratio, the stronger the larger the load capacity, so the size of the master regulator may vary with the proportional load carried, for this purpose we use to control the process, to avoid accidents.

Since 2019, Taiyuan continue to adhere to the principle of priority to improve air quality, in order to significantly reduce heavy pollution weather as the main direction, ongoing action to combat air pollution, management depth to promote coal-fired boiler to achieve 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers "clear zero".

In accordance with the gas will change, given the need for, after the first stand broken, do not break the principle of non-stand, Taiyuan will continue to carry out the transformation of rural areas, clean heating, heating is expected to complete the transformation of 30,000 before the end of October, the city's rural areas clean heating coverage rate reached 70%.

To reduce coal pollution, coal-fired boiler will also promote the in-depth treatment. October 1, seven more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and ultra-low emissions completed the transformation. Seven out of 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers to achieve 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers all clear.

In the region of the pollution control aspect, the binding improved air quality requirements, the complete electricity instead of coal, coal gas for generation of clean alternative energy area, included in "ban on coal zone", the implementation of joint sheet control. Meanwhile, to further increase the intensity of investigation ban within the "ban on coal zone" small coal-fired facilities, enhance the level of protection clean heating, ensure clean heating effect, and resolutely put an end to bulk coal burning complex, consolidate the "ban on coal zone" construction achievements.

In terms of market control, prohibit the use of more than 1% sulfur, ash than 16% of the civilian bulk coal. Before the end of the civil bulk coal sampling of coal sales business monthly coverage rate of 10%, annual sampling coverage of 100%. Investigated sales of low quality coal units and individuals in accordance with law, concentrate on cleaning up, straighten, banning non-compliance bulk coal supply channels, to crack down on the use of low-quality coal sales behavior, non-coal washery slime, the coal into the civilian market.

10 tph WNS condensing gas-fired boiler rubber plantAs the determination of country to prevent and control air pollution is increasing, various policies have been introduced across the country. Almost every region, the timeline and number of boiler renovations have been issued. In order to maximize the cost savings of the company’s operations, most companies will choose to convert coal-fired boilers to gas-fired boilers, and the rubber chemicals industry is no exception. With the increasingly stringent policies and regulations being promulgated in succession, in 2013, Huasheng Rubber planned rubber auxiliary energy-saving renovation project, they purchased a 10 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler used in for food processing industry at ZOZEN boiler. The condensing boiler is a hull-type three-passes pyrotechnic tube structure researched and developed based on the mature technology of the current gas boiler, the heat load of the boiler is low. An additional condenser is installed at the tail of the flue to increase the boiler inlet temperature and reduce the temperature of the flue gas. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is as high as 98%. The boiler uses natural gas as fuel, which has a relatively low level of atmospheric pollution, and in compliance with the country's rigid standards, the boiler's pollutant discharge can reach a minimum of 30 milligrams per cubic meter, and emissions to the atmosphere are even lower.