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2 ton industrial boiler prices

Recently, the State Administration of China's market, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecology Environment jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening Environmental Protection and Energy 2 ton industrial boiler pricess" (the "Notice"), put forward specific requirements for environmental aspects of energy-saving boiler work.

"Notice" the implementation of the guidance, "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight tough fight pollution prevention advice" and other documents, adhere to safety first, prevention first, the five principles of energy saving, comprehensive management implement energy saving boiler from the production, import, sale, use and other aspects of business to post the main responsibility, and strengthen supervision and management of Eng environmental Protection in the "special equipment Catalog" range of boilers, and comprehensively promote energy-saving environmental governance boiler.

First, across the country, in principle, to a new 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and, in key areas (and the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta region and Fenwei plain) and the rest of the city built the county level and above New District, in principle, to 35 tons of steam / hour of coal-fired boilers.

Second, the new coal-fired boiler emission concentration of air pollutants key areas need to meet ultra-low emission (6% on the basis of the reference oxygen, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration of not more than 10,35,50 mg / m) requirements.

Third, the area reserved execution key boiler air pollutant emission limits or special places more stringent emission standards, 65 t steam / hour coal-fired boiler and above all of the ultra-low emissions and energy transformation embodiments, a low nitrogen gas boiler is substantially complete transformation.

"Notice" also stressed the upgrade boilers with energy and environmental conservation requirements. Boiler units to implement the main responsibility for ensuring that the boiler energy efficiency and emissions of air pollutants meet legal regulations, technical specifications and requirements of the relevant standards in China.

Fourth, for the boilers do not meet environmental requirements, and use shall take appropriate measures for improvement, if after rectification not meet the requirements, be allowed to continue to use.

Fifth, the boiler unit to apply for emission permits in accordance with laws and regulations, and to establish their own monitoring system, strict discipline and preservation of the environment management accounting, timely and relevant departments to prepare and submit emission permits implementation report.

Sixth, the boiler unit to promptly take the initiative to report the boiler equipment obsolete, and apply for cancellation of the boiler use registration shall not be obsolete boilers to move equipment or put into use again.

To steam 2 ton industrial boiler prices safe operation and maintenance work to do as an energy conversion equipment, steam boilers can output a large number of high-temperature steam, and promote the normal use of enterprise devices. If you want a long-term stable operation of steam boilers in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all aspects must be perfect, if the design and production of boilers, installation and maintenance of unreasonable, will make the boiler abnormal, such as leak deformation, corrosion and other adverse circumstances boiler body structure, if you can not guarantee that these anomalies are checked and ruled out timely, long past, the boiler will run a tremendous risk. Therefore, the use of steam boilers companies, should pay due attention to the boiler safe and economic operation, to be able to play a real role in the boiler. First, the safe operation of the management and operation management system of the boiler steam boiler safety is the focus of business management, there must be someone responsible for the safe operation of the boiler, and to achieve clear management authority, on-site guidance and orderly, various departments to work together, safe, standardized the use of boiler production. 1, the importance of the safe operation of the boiler clearly belongs in the management of manufacturing enterprises in special equipment, the use of more complex, maintaining relatively complicated, which requires our company's technical staff must understand the principles of operation of the boiler, master the operation, while strengthening management requirements. To enhance the sense of responsibility in peacetime fireman, boiler system to comply can judge the general situation, take corrective measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. 2, to develop specific measures to ensure that enterprises according to the actual situation of executive power boiler management systems. Fireman in strict accordance with operating procedures to ensure that work must be performed in accordance with operating procedures, there must shift recording, time inspection records, good equipment maintenance, staff positions to implement the responsibility system, strictly enforce the boiler room management systems. We often have regular training for boiler operators, rules and regulations publicity field work and testing, supervise, guide and regulate the operator to operate the boiler. Do a good job running to record the boiler. During the boiler operation and after shutdown, you must fulfill all the records. Such as running records, water quality testing records, shift records, maintenance records, unit managers should be checked for potential problems device to timely detect, prevent work ahead of time to avoid accidents. Improve the overall quality. Boiler safety management must be maintained by all personnel, companies must conduct training and awareness of all managers and front-line boiler operators literacy. By regularly appointed managers and site operators (furnace workers, water workers, etc.) to go out to learn and improve their level of work, training and exchange transposed to other employees came back to reach full learning, to enhance literacy purposes. In addition, you can ask the experts, technical management staff to their units and enterprises, the teach-site management and operation of boiler-related technology to improve the management and technical level of full. Observing the plant operating procedures. The boiler operation, the device must follow the rules, and this is most important, the rules may regulate the operator, allowing the operator to reasonable and standard operating equipment to ensure that the boiler safe and effective operation, to avoid unnecessary accidents occur. The development of regular inspection system. When the boiler is running, on-site personnel must confirm the status of the boiler, which requires the operator to do the inspections on time, within the stipulated hours, the entry point for a basic check of the boiler one by one to confirm and make the relevant registration record to facilitate subsequent queries, if there is an exception, to promptly inform superiors, together with the timely processing of abnormal, early prevention of accidents. , The implementation of reward and punishment system. Companies can arrange Inspection Unit, from time to time on-site sampling records, daily work site operators to inspect and score, if found not complying with the rules, the punishment must be made, and on-site education again, for a serious and responsible the operator, the operator the ability to detect potential safety problems, given the necessary incentives in order to play the effect of penalties and rewards, our goal is to better safety in production.

Accident 2: pressure gauge malfunction.

Measures: stop boiler operation, close the table control valve, pressure gauge or replace cock. Cleaning or purge passage gauge, adjust the pointer to the correct position.

3 accidents: failure of a safety valve, steam leakage, over pressure on or below the rated pressure is on, and after the valve element does not exhaust back seat and so on.

Chain grate stoker 2 ton industrial boiler prices is including DZL series and SZL series steam boiler and hot water boiler.

DZL series steam boiler is horizontal tri-backhaul water fire pipes chain grating quick installed boilers, with the evaporation capacity of 1t/h, 2t/h, 4t/h and working pressure of 0.7, 1.0, 1.25, 1.27MPa. This series of boiler features compact in structure, small in overall dimensions, new technologies of arch pipe and plate abnormal shaped flue and helix smog pipe, high in heat efficiency, safe and reliable in running, and convenient in transportation and installation.