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Lists these common gas hotel boilers water treatment problems, early detection and early peace of mind to solve

Our technical engineers in the boiler visit the customer site, find a lot of gas boiler equipment there are serious scale and clogging, resulting in soft drinks is not smooth circulation within the boiler, and ultimately affect the safety of the overall efficiency and the use of the boiler.

Circulating fluidized bed hotel boilers for power plant

Power plant boiler case:

Boiler furnace excess air control how to adjust? Boiler furnace combustion furnace excess air affects, therefore, how to effectively control the excess air ratio, is one of the prerequisites to protect the hotel boilers reasonable run. Today to excess higher degree of automation of the gas boiler furnace air as an example to explain:

In early November, Luyi County, Henan Province Quality Supervision Bureau organized a safety inspection activities on the hotel boilers in the area, ensure the safe use within the jurisdiction of the boiler in winter.

The main focus of inspection units use boilers to see through the following points:

First, the use of registration, maintenance, periodic testing situation.

Second, the establishment and implementation of the system and the rescue plan.

Third, if the boiler worker certificates.

Fourth, the operation of the boiler water treatment facilities.

To date, Luyi County Quality Supervision Bureau has complete supervision and inspection work on 11 units in the boiler, the inspection found problems and risks, monitor the instruction issued according to the law, clearly boiler rectification matter and time.