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4t Industrial Steam Boiler Turkmenistan

In our products lists, DHL biomass fired boiler adopts two patents from Xi’an Jiaotong University one is Flying ash re-combustion equipment based on the high temperature separation and the other is Combined uniform flow design technique of comer tubes boiler flag pattern surface. The two patents can ensure our DHL boiler automatic and fine working condition. Besides, in this DHL boiler, the cross-girder grate is adopted, so it has the features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate, less fuel leak. And the grates are made by the first-class professional manufacture. The boiler adopts two times turbulence combustion design technique and flying dust high temperature separation plus flying dust inner circulating fluidized re-combustion.

We learned that recently, Beijing issued a "three-year action plan to win the Beijing Blue Sky Wars," to date, mainly to strengthen ecological environment construction, pollution control tough fight to win Beijing, make the appropriate efforts. Details are as follows.

First, build a green energy system

Combined with the characteristics of the capital, in the city to protect the power supply, heat supply network under the premise of safe operation, relying on intelligent technology, strengthen external power transferred, increase the proportion of outside transmission. Full development of new local energy resources. Promoting clean renewable energy for heating, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Management Committee and other sector organizations to increase renewable energy use in key areas clean city sub-center, Beijing's new airport and other heating. In principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects.

Second, lay Yajian coal finale

Led by the Agriculture Commission, in accordance with the principle of progressive advance of the first plains, mountains and then to "coal to electricity," the main scientific technical route choice, according to local conditions to promote rural village "coal to clean energy" work. 2018, the completion of the plains 450 villages "coal to clean energy" to carry out energy-saving synchronous rural residence. Completion of Pinggu District, clean energy transformation of coal-fired central heating boilers 5 of Yanqing district, the basic realization of the city's Plains "No Coal." In 2019, the development of scientific and effective mountains "coal to clean energy" technology roadmap, the heating period to break a long, large temperature difference and other problems, an orderly mountain villages of "coal to clean energy" work.

Third, improve energy efficiency

Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments to study and improve energy consumption limits system. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Planning and Land Committee and other departments to revise new residential building energy efficiency design standards, energy-saving rate of more than 80%; accelerate the development of ultra-low energy buildings, new buildings strict implementation of green building standards. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Urban Management Commission, Agriculture Commission and other departments saving renovations to existing buildings, Rural public buildings energy-saving standards and scope of the earthquake.

Fourth, accelerate infrastructure construction clean energy

City Management Committee, the Agriculture Commission and other departments to speed up the "coal to electricity" grid upgrading in rural areas, to meet the heating needs of the field of alternative energy. Into the "No Coal" facilities construction village, power and other reconstruction within the scope of planning in advance to give priority to implementation. Related power companies continue to strengthen the construction of power facilities and support capabilities.

What is the boiler automatic water? Automatic water boilers What are the benefits? Users are most worried about things than boiler water, at run time if the boiler once the lack of water is likely to cause an accident, so is there a device to prevent the boiler water it? Give us today to introduce a boiler water inside the boiler will be automatic screen when water or low water level "automatic water boiler equipment" automatic water boiler boiler equipment, also known as smart Sheung Shui, this device can greatly improve the boiler safety factor particularly 4t industrial steam boiler turkmenistans, boiler explosions often occur because of normal operation of the boiler at the time forgot to add water inside the boiler, fireman often for various reasons forgot to add water to the boiler burning red, then go down to the boiler Riga water leading to an explosion of the boiler, the boiler must not immediately red-hot when added to water inside the boiler, once to clean it out fuel in the boiler and other boilers to cool slowly. Boiler automatic water main functions: automatic water boiler adopts integrated circuit can be automatically boiler feed water, drainage, and water level is too high to effectively prevent overflow of water shortage due to dry or boiler water level remains in a safe range. 1, water regulator automatically: the boiler water level is maintained within a safe range, the instrument is provided in a bit feedwater automatic control device, the boiler water level is always maintained within a predetermined normal range. 2, sound and light alarm four states: a: high level alarm; B: low level alarm; C: Low risk level alarm; D: 3 overpressure alarm, the instrument is provided with automatic, manual water supply apparatus: automatic device in the instrument case case of failure, the switch in the manual position, Sheung manually and without water, the pump manual control, regulating the water level, in order to achieve the purpose of emergency and flexible use. It does not affect the normal operation of the boiler, after troubleshooting, to the switch back automatically. Automatically shutdown by 4, the instrument has a control circuit chain protection limit, dangerous states. This greatly reduces the safety factor of the boiler.

According to statistics, the number of oxygen corrosion boilers in different degrees accounts for about 10% of the total. In these 10% boilers, the lighter makes the wall thickness of the stressed parts thinner, which reduces the service life of the boiler. The heavy components can not meet the strength requirements, and need to be repaired or scrapped in advance. More serious people directly threaten people's Life and property security.