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boiler Manufacturing Company Vacancies Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh

First, using a plurality of condensing boiler manufacturing company vacancies visakhapatnam andhra pradesh design pattern section, which mounting structure is simple, flexible use, easy: the so-called condensing boiler module is equivalent to split the original single large boiler dry N plurality of small boilers. Simply put this is through the boiler in the number of "simple parallel combination" can reach the size of any single boiler, so many users choose to use this status quo condensing boilers to replace all types of heating and hot water boilers. Second, to reduce the maintenance costs of the boiler: condensing boiler heating system, including its internal control system and automatic gas control system, no working system can achieve a high degree of artificial effect, greatly reducing labor costs. In modern management which, in modern society, manipulation and burning a large part of the cost of the boiler is rising labor costs, while reducing the output of condensing boilers just labor costs. And condensing boiler through continuous optimization of design, process design condensing boiler, matching equipment level to a new level, to enable them to better serve the industrial production. Third, the design of compact condensing boilers, installation is very convenient, and its actual footprint is smaller: smaller storage capacity condensing boiler, the temperature heats up very quickly, only a few seconds, no excess heat loss.

Design and Operation of CFB boiler manufacturing company vacancies visakhapatnam andhra pradesh with low bed inventory

Today will talking about the challenges and problems of the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology are summarized and analyzed. In order to resolve the problems inCFB boilerapplication,designprincipals and method ofCFBboilerwith the low bed inventory is proposed by ZGBoiler, cooperated with Tsinghua University. And a full set ofdesigncode of newCFBboilerwith low bed inventory has been developed, todesignthe product structure of new generationCFBboilers.

Hebei province is the use of industrial boiler manufacturing company vacancies visakhapatnam andhra pradeshs, countless large and small boilers, air pollution caused by coal-fired boiler is one of the problems of governance in Hebei Province, and therefore become a major coal-fired boiler control of air pollution in Hebei Province direction. Coal-fired auxiliary boiler control work steadily, the Hebei provincial government to develop a "" comprehensive management of air pollution in Hebei provincial financial assistance fund management approach ", the boiler subsidy detailed as follows:

1, rural areas electricity instead of coal subsidies

The household equipment purchase and install (including line transformation indoor) 85% of investment subsidies, the maximum subsidy per household amount not more than 7400 yuan, the provincial and city and county respectively 50%, the rest borne by the users themselves.

Residents give electricity for heating 0.2 yuan / kwh subsidies, provincial, city and county average bear, the highest household electricity 10,000 kwh subsidies, subsidies and standards tentatively scheduled for three years.

2, substitution of gas for coal in rural areas subsidy standards

The household gas equipment purchase and install the 70% investment subsidies, the maximum subsidy per household amount not more than 2700 yuan. Provincial cities and counties and respectively 50%, the rest borne by the user.

Heating gas for customers who use 1 yuan / cubic meter of subsidy per household per year up to 1200 m3 gas subsidies, provincial, city and county average bear, subsidies and standards tentative three years.

Given the highest building in the village of pipelines family home investment subsidies of 4,000 yuan, 1000 yuan assume the provincial, city and county to bear 3,000.

3, coal-fired boiler subsidy governance standards

Subsidies for coal-fired boilers, eliminate subsidies, a separate ban demolition of 30,000 yuan / tons of steam, the implementation of clean energy transformation of 80,000 yuan / tons of steam.

4, thermal power shutting down out of subsidies

Provincial for shutting down the unit by 300 yuan / kilowatt award given up, have been included in the national "Thirteen Five." Plan for shutting down the unit, illegal construction unit, run-of-life choice except unit and power capacity index trading.

How hot water boiler manufacturing company vacancies visakhapatnam andhra pradesh hot water pipe material selection and water resistance obtained: hot water boilers in this kind of, I believe we see that it will not feel strange, because the site has its relevant articles, so that we learn and Learn, then, to master the relevant knowledge to achieve the proper use and rational use of this kind of boiler. So, in order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, below, will continue to carry out this work, the details are as follows. 1. contribute to hot water boiler and steam boiler, said the same? In addition, 65 tons of hot water boiler, the water resistance is how much? Hot water boilers and steam boilers, which are two common and popular types of boilers, and they are represented on the output, is not the same, hot water boilers for power, steam boiler for the amount of evaporation. So, on a question, the answer is that it is not the same. 65 tons of hot water boilers, which calculates the water resistance, water will force manufacturers generally described calculation, it is possible to be obtained therefrom. 2. circulatory system pressure hot water boiler, hot water pipes Why use galvanized steel pipe? Pressure hot water boiler, which is a hot water boiler and its piping hot water circulation system, because the use of galvanized steel, because the price of this material is not very high, and that life is not easy rust and corrosion deformation, therefore, have a longer life, therefore, will be employed.