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Blaming poor quality coal may prove harmful for the boiler. Instead of very poor quality coal having high ash and mineral content, clinker formation may be avoided by a sincere attitude of power plant engineers.

In the near future, at home and abroad more than hazardous chemicals, major accidents have occurred, causing casualties and property losses. Is a profound lesson, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will co-Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on alternative transformation of the province's coal-fired power business major hazard (liquid ammonia tank)" and actively promote the province's power industry ammonia tank alternative transformation.

"National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to implement the views on the promotion of electricity reform and development of the field of safety of" clearly "to strengthen the major hazards source control, there are significant hazards during the production of coal-fired power generation enterprises should study the implementation of major hazards alternative rehabilitation programs. " Henan Province TV as fire, liquid ammonia tank safety risk management and control situation is grim. To actively implement the "opinions" requirements, Henan Energy Regulatory Office investigation and carefully combing the province's power industry the basic situation of major hazards, and actively carry out reconstruction work research initiative to communicate the situation with the Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial emergency management, efforts to promote reconstruction work as soon as possible. "Notice" requirement province of the power generation enterprises should further enhance political stance, overcome difficulties, vigorously promote the major hazard (liquid ammonia tank) and Improvement, under the premise to ensure safe production, the province's coal-fired generating units and strive to 2020 in liquid ammonia tank renovation completed before the end of December. New coal-fired power generation projects should all use the technical route no major hazard.

Next, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will replace liquid ammonia around the transformation as an important safety regulation. For failure to complete the transformation of liquid ammonia replacement power companies, to be included in the list of key regulatory target, for there are significant risks or accidents in accordance with regulations to be strictly punished according to law, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility to effectively prevent accidents, efforts to increase intrinsic safety level of the enterprise.

We should take some effective measures to increase the use of gas hot water boiler of each machine in the course of people's need to take care of, otherwise there will be some unnecessary trouble. So, for professional gas hot water boiler, how to take effective way of protecting it? In normal use, always pay attention not only to the effect of gas hot water boiler should also take effective measures to increase its use. life. 1. maintain this pressure curing method is suitable for closed more than a week but does not fix the boiler. You can first of all the water drained pot, then scale furnace cleaning and re-add qualified demineralized water. Regular use of fire to warm water temperatures in summer gas hot water boiler is kept at 10 degrees. So, it can not be frozen in winter; water boiler should also periodically, to maintain the pressure in the boiler reaches the normal value, to prevent air from entering the drum. 2. Maintenance wet method is suitable for such maintenance has been closed less than a month's gas hot water boiler. After the shutdown, the water leaving the boiler a predetermined time, the internal cleaning impurities; second, all inlets and valve should be closed, completely separate from the operation of the boiler; and a special preparation of mercury. The basic solution was placed in a boiler protection; micro-wave oven should be used regularly in order to maintain the heated drying surface during the entire maintenance. 3. Maintenance dried dry for long maintenance downtime gas hot water boiler. Need to drain water and to remove impurities, followed by the complete separation of operation in the boiler; a suitable amount of moisture absorbed by the desiccant in the boiler, and require direct contact with a heated surface not desiccant boiler. Within a month, you should check whether the desiccant in the boiler and no corrosion. The method of the above three aspects is cured gas hot water boiler. When using the boiler, regular inspection, pay special attention to corrosion of steel. If long ignored corrosion problems, it will have unpredictable consequences. Therefore, maintaining high stability is essential for the gas hot water boiler.

3, the boiler aftermarket manufacturers inspect

In order to ensure the safety and operational efficiency gas boiler should be carried out regular inspection and maintenance to the boiler. While some other parts are free from wearing and versatility, it can ensure permanent boiler manufacturers to provide users with technical advice and consumable parts, is user selection must be considered when gas boiler manufacturers.