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incineration boiler

The chamber negative pressure is too large, leakage will increase the furnace and the flue, the flue gas amount is increased smoke quicker heating surface. Thus increasing wear and wind electrical energy consumption for heating surface. Boiler efficiency is lowered, especially when operating at low load or the incineration boiler combustion instability, probably because too much fire the boiler furnace pressure. If the furnace pressure and temperature gas and flame is too small or partial pressure within the furnace operation to take direct outside, not only affect plant health, endanger personal safety, but also may cause coking furnace, burner, steel, etc. due to overheating of the furnace walls the deformation burned, therefore, the furnace must maintain a certain negative pressure operation

The incineration boiler is mainly composed of two main bodies of the shell and the furnace and accessories for ensuring its safe and economical continuous operation, instrument auxiliary equipment, automatic control and protection system. The boiler is a boiler with a water-cooled crucible. Two reciprocating tubes are arranged in the left and right sections of the drum, and the front smoke box at the front of the drum is folded back. Between the drum and the lower box, there is a down pipe and a water-cooled manifold to form a frame of the combustion chamber. There is a steam separator on the top of the drum to reduce the water from the water vapor. The heating surface of the pot is the lower part of the drum, the water-cooled manifold and the pyrotechnic tube.

Now the incineration boiler market, many gas steam boiler will join the "condensed" This technology, located in the tail of the flue condenser can fully absorb large amounts of latent heat in the flue gas temperature, and then put back into the boiler, the boiler in order to achieve ultra-high operation efficiency.

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