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1t Diesel Boiler Brand Seller

Fangkuai Boiler is a clean-up 1t diesel boiler brand seller equipment based on various excellent scientific and technological advancements, focusing on product development, manufacturing, and manufacturing that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy saving, and meet the basic national conditions of environmental protection in China. In order to promote the rapid development of the heating furnace manufacturing industry, people-oriented, consider the specific requirements of customers in the manufacturing industry for heating furnaces in various industries.

Rated evaporation 20 tons of gas steam 1t diesel boiler brand seller is 20t / h, the first time for the heating steam 20 minutes, very quickly.

20 tons of gas steam boiler has the following characteristics:

1, the condensing boiler technology advanced, the potential for secondary flue gas heat absorption, and more energy-saving effect is significantly higher thermal efficiency;

2, water treatment, water pumps, valves and other auxiliary instruments disposed are famous manufacturers of equipment, the quality and after-sales are guaranteed;

3, boiler control systems for the fast boiler self-developed PLC touch screen controller, intelligent control of boiler, more flexible;

4, the boiler overall total of more than 10 monitoring probes for water level, pressure, temperature has a clear control, once the abnormal failure, the alarm system starts immediately, fireman timely reminder to troubleshoot the situation.

1.4 MW oil fired hot water 1t diesel boiler brand seller has many advantages such as high efficiency, low combustion, little pollution and so on. Oil fired hot water boiler can be applied in many fields, and it mainly supplies hot water and heat to daily life. 1.4 MW oil fired hot water boiler is applied in school widely and it mainly supplies hot water to all students and staff and supplies heat in winter.

Hazard radius of 1t diesel boiler brand seller explosion how: During the Spring Festival this year, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province due to boiler problems are a heavy accident occurred, whether it is personal security or the economy, have caused serious damage.