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Tai Chi, Jiaozuo City, Jiaozuo City Sports Center is one of important sports infrastructure, a total area of ​​11.73 hectares, held several international events. With strict management in Henan Province for air emissions of pollutants, Jiaozuo City, also launched the governance of coal-fired boiler industrial 6 ton moldavias, thermal power and other equipment. Jiaozuo Sports Center actively cooperate with municipal workers, took the lead from coal to gas activities, the serious pollution of the original extent of coal-fired boilers to replace gas boilers. Gas boiler cleaning binding understanding of the market, to achieve cooperation with the finalization fast boiler by providing a fast side 2.8MW integrally condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS2.8-1.0 / 95/70-YQ), it is used to Sports Center provides heating and hot water.

Waste hear recovery boiler industrial 6 ton moldavia

Global CemPower Conference is to take place for the third time in London in 2015, and will look at a topic that accounts for one third of the cement industry's total costs: Electrical power.

What are the reasons affecting the efficiency condensing boiler industrial 6 ton moldavia

Condensation boiler condensing apparatus refers to an increase in the vicinity of boiler flue gas, the fuel again absorb heat in combustion temperature flue gas discharged from the flue gas sensible heat and latent heat part together, make full use of. The greatest benefit of the condenser is added to the boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler can be increased by 10%, saving fuel input costs.

How to maintain electric boiler industrial 6 ton moldavia electric boiler is the best time to buy in addition to the need for strict checks also need to use practices, so as to avoid danger to the person. Electric boiler with a long time will be aging, how to electric boiler for maintenance of it? Below you understand Shenyang Yuan Peng heating cable electric boiler Maintenance: General Electric boilers 1--2 years for certain electrical boiler maintenance, contribute to the proper functioning of the electric boiler, regular maintenance for the electric boiler is its basic guarantee normal operation. 1, boiler maintenance, must be cut off and must relief. 2, the burner every two months to be removed from the boiler, carefully remove foreign bodies such as dust and soot. Photocell light-receiving surface wipe once a month, fuel filter should always be kept clean and filtering capabilities; carefully clean the filter in the pump, do not break the seal. Oil-burner not idle, so as not to damage the pump. 3, the water level gauge should always be kept clean, rinse the purge valve is opened, the water level in order to ensure a clear day. 4, pulling the safety valve once a day, to prevent rusting failure. After the work is completed, check whether the tools, materials, complete accessories, such as to prevent left in the furnace space inside. Someone delisted before leaving the job site after acceptance, and finally do the maintenance records, to prepare for subsequent queries. These are the electric boiler maintenance considerations maintenance, hoping to help you, regular attention to maintenance in order to extend the life of electric boiler.