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Boiler Industrial 1 Ton Uzbekistan

Take one ton gas steam boiler industrial 1 ton uzbekistan, for example.

One condensing gas boiler is about 70-75 cubic meters of gas consumption, gas consumption in the gas boiler general less than 80 cubic meters. Of course, different boiler manufacturers produce equipment boiler gas consumption will be different.

High and low temperature boiler industrial 1 ton uzbekistan and understand the type of corrosion of the instrument: the boiler low-temperature and high-temperature corrosion, specifically what? Its primary and secondary instruments, which are what? And, pressure hot water boiler, which is a hot water circulation system of pipes, tubes which can use? These are important sites on the boiler products, so the following will immediately give a specific answer, so that we can clearly understand, then, to firmly grasp. 1. What is the low and high temperature corrosion of boiler? Low temperature corrosion of the boiler: the boiler heating surface when the tail of the sulfuric acid corrosion, and thus to form sulfur dioxide. Meanwhile, in the catalyst, and further sulfur trioxide. If it meets the water vapor in the air, it will produce sulfuric acid vapor. When the sulfuric acid vapor condensation heating surface of the preheater, there is a low-temperature corrosion. Corrosion boiler temperature: at high temperature, heating surface of the boiler tubes, which flue gas side and steam side, corrosion is likely to occur, the corrosion of the flue gas main pipe wall. 2. boiler primary and secondary instruments, which include? Boiler, which is a secondary instrument of division and, moreover, they have some differences. It's an instrument, mainly including pressure gauges, water level gauge and thermometer three. In the secondary instrument, there are many, such as security alarm systems, monitoring systems, and the water level control system. And, it is actually needed, and is configured to increase and decrease. However, one of the security alarm system, there must be.

Central heating hot water boiler industrial 1 ton uzbekistans for heating in winter is an important measure in most parts of China. Hebei Guan China Fortune Foundation Limited mainly engaged in real estate projects, is a leading industrial town operators. Heating service is primarily aimed at the Group's residential housing and other real estate. With the full open sky Battle, continue to improve the proportion of clean heating, heating for the implementation of clean energy, China Fortune Foundation to purchase much-needed high performance hot water boiler clean and green products. After comparing a number of boiler plants, the best of the best, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler in abundant clean energy R & D experience in boiler party. Providing fast boiler SZS Series 2 gas hot water boiler according to the actual needs, respectively 58MW and 29MW.

Industrial plant boiler industrial 1 ton uzbekistan cleaning method which: industrial plant boiler cleaning method What? For industrial boiler plant, the run for some time are to work descaling, if not timely cleaning, for normal operation of the industrial boilers, will have a great impact. Clear boiler scale methods, mainly mechanical descaling and chemical descaling two kinds. Mechanical descaling by the people directly into the drum, spatula or heating surface cleaner to remove scale. However, this method is labor intensive, easily damaged heat transfer surface roughness increases heat transfer surface, not completely clear, it has been rarely used. Chemical cleaning commonly used cleaning and corrosion hydrochloric acid two alkali cooking method, cleaning method which should be taken according to the kind of fouling layer. Alkali cooking method is run in the soda furnace (of Na2CO3), caustic soda (NaOH), or trisodium phosphate, longer times boiling out at normal operating pressure.