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threaded pipe steam boiler

Build horizontal biomass boilers in Poland

Article if from one of my friends-Mr. Richer in Poland. He buildhorizontal biomass boilers in his place,below is his story-Biomass boiler/heater in Poland.

With the "Internet +" strategy proposed, the Internet technology into the boiler industry. Traditional industrial boiler industry in the use of the Internet, the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other information technologies to optimize R & D and design, production and manufacturing, improve production efficiency and boiler technology, which naturally self-evident. For both boilers, we have to adopt ways to improve their work efficiency and energy saving effect Engineering Center developed the production of an innovative product -? Intelligent module boiler cloud platform, can solve these problems.

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The so-called safety valve on the one hand say: it is a boiler and pressure vessel and a pressure line valve, the drain having a pressure release or function, a relief valve; management rules from the perspective of such a safety valve efficacy installed on a threaded pipe steam boiler or pressure of the pressure vessel, a necessary condition is that he must be recognized quality and technical supervision departments.