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Boiler Industrial 1 Ton Azerbaijan

SZS gas steam boiler industrial 1 ton azerbaijan 1 product advantages, advanced boiler design: corrugated furnace decoration, strong interference low ripple furnace flame, greatly improving the heat transfer coefficient, reducing the temperature of the exhaust gas boiler thermal efficiency up to 90%, reducing equipment thermal expansion and contraction caused by the living. 2, mechanical design of advanced boiler: the front smoke box design with a hinge connection, with the smoke box access door, making maintenance and cleaning easier. Peephole rear of the boiler is provided with flame, combustion furnace can be observed. 3, the heat insulation efficiency design: The use of lightweight aluminum plates incubated measures to greatly reduce heat loss, transdermal topical stainless steel sheet, to improve the appearance quality. 4, the world's most advanced combustion machine: the internal combustion engine is the main component of the boiler. It directly affects the quality and performance of the boiler thermal efficiency, operating cost, reliability, and other indicators. This type of boiler using the world's most advanced burner, Leaho and so on. German or Italian brand WESO Bite brand gas burners. 5, safe use of advanced safeguards: Under normal circumstances, the machine automatically adjusts output pressure in the combustion boiler, the water temperature reaches the set value, the burner is automatically stopped when the temperature is below the set value, the burner starts automatically. When the burner with air inlet gap occurs, ultra-high temperature, overpressure, and other foreign matter suction phenomena, combustion is stopped automatically, fault lamp is lit, the programmable control means immediately stops the output of the fuel, the furnace only after troubleshooting before restarting N. 6, the world's most advanced combustion machine: the combustion chamber has an automatic purge function, each time before ignition, will be strong winds sweep for 1 minute. Residual combustible gases in the furnace, preventing the occurrence of knocking when the ignition phenomenon. Meanwhile, the boiler cigarette feature built-blast doors. When the furnace deflagration, blast doors automatically open the lid, the combustible gas enters the cigarette. Through the chimney into the atmosphere (rather than into the boiler room to avoid fire accidents), automatically shut down after the explosion-proof door release pressure to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. 7, advanced processing and testing equipment, the feed material under the boiler plate shears are made, changing the original cutting material HAZ shortcomings; rolled steel plate with four stick cylinder machine more reliable processing quality; drum all automatic submerged arc welding, non-destructive testing, pipe welding by the tube plate and the fireworks are tungsten arc welding, ultrasonic testing time control of welding quality.

4 tph SZS condensing gas-fired boiler industrial 1 ton azerbaijan in AnhuiThe production of rubber outer layer of the wire and cable must through a vulcanization process, and the vulcanization process needs steam from boilers to heat and pressure the rubber. Anhui Cable Group is an enterprise specializing in the production of wire and cable. It mainly produces and operates 1E class K2, K3 and non-1E medium voltage power cables, various types of flame retardant and refractory special cables. In 2015, the principal of Anhui Cable purchased 4 tph SZS condensing gas-fired boiler in ZOZEN boiler to provide steam for rubber vulcanization. The steam temperature was required to be between 140-180℃. After vulcanization, the natural cooling was performed, opened the valve, the steam condensate in the pipeline will go directly into the cooling pool. After steam cooling, fresh water can be added to the processed of drawing, annealing, water sealing, extruding, extruding rubber, mixed rubber, desulfurization and dust removal, which saves a lot of production water for the company. In addition, ZOZEN’s boiler adopts high-quality aluminum silicate fiber and equipped with fire-resistant mud insulation. The temperature of boiler body can be controlled below 45℃ to effectively control heat loss.

Thus, a top steam boiler industrial 1 ton azerbaijan manufacturer in China, ZG manufactured high quality rice husk fired steam boilers become more and more popular in many counties of Southern Asia, such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines because those countries are major rice producing countries in the world.

Our industry is a big country, provide power for industrial equipment giant multi-boiler industrial 1 ton azerbaijan. After investigation, the vast majority of our country's industrial boilers are in healthy condition, causing energy waste and pollution is very alarming. Moreover, the recent nationwide boiler accidents continue to occur, causing huge casualties and property losses, the adverse impact on society and the economy, how to effectively protect the safe operation of the boiler to be solved throughout the boiler industry event.