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factory price output hot water cast iron boiler

Step 1 factory price output hot water cast iron boiler pressure test, pressure test should be carried out when the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ℃, antifreeze measures must be below 5 ℃, water pressure test should be maintained above the dew point of the ambient temperature to prevent boiler surface condensation, water seepage and the occurrence of the situation will not tight confusion, difficulty increases inspection; but it should not cause high temperature to prevent vaporization (so difficult to find the leak) and excessive temperature stress, usually 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. 2, after the water is full, pressure is gradually increased to 0.4MPa, namely a tight check, if necessary, be tightened once the flange, and hand Manhole cover bolt hole. 3, water pressure test, pressure should slow down, when the pressure rises to the pressure of work, should be suspended boost, check for leaks or anomalies, and then boosted to the test pressure for 20 minutes, if the pressure It did not decline, that is, down to the working pressure checked. 4, no leakage was found records should cook, in order to reduce the time to repair the atmospheric pressure. Pressure test meet the following cases, i.e., that qualified: 1, and no water mist on the walls of the pressure receiving element and weld metal; 2, after the pressure test, no residual deformation visible; 3, economizer tubes, and The interface is not leaking.

However, when the pressure in the water-tube factory price output hot water cast iron boiler is increased, the difference between the densities of the water and saturated steam falls, consequently less circulation occurs. To keep the same level of steam output at higher design pressures, the distance between the lower drum and the steam drum must be increased, or some means of forced circulation must be introduced.

Hot water factory price output hot water cast iron boiler in the school dormitory and classroom building are generally used for central heating, drinking water and bathing water aspects of teachers and students and so on. Shanxi Linxian County high school is an important educational school personnel training for the community. 2017, the school responded positively to national coal to gas and other environmental policies, but also to provide students with a more favorable living and learning environment, the school decided to phase out conventional coal-fired boilers, clean and environmentally friendly replacement for the gas boiler. After getting to know and choose the boiler industry, major companies, determined cooperation with professional production of clean fuel boiler fast boiler-by-side to provide a fast 4.2MW integrated condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS4.2-1.0 / 115 / 70-YQ).

5, good control performance;

However, different manufacturers for different positioning of the boiler, to meet customer groups should not be, we can not make a specific ranking. But we still can from the usefulness of products, brief characteristics of high-quality boiler manufacturers, as well as the characteristics of the product.