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8t Boiler Machine Price Uzbekistan

Gas hot water 8t boiler machine price uzbekistan is better than ordinary boiler three salient features 1. Energy Saving toxic gas emission rate is much lower than ordinary gas hot water boiler boiler, sampling standards in full compliance with national standards of environmental protection agencies, because these devices were powered by a net importer burner, during operation of electronic auto-ignition, combustion automatic, self-extinguishing, performance is very stable, so excellent combustion efficiency, exhaust gas content is very low, the oxygen content in the nitrogen produced in the boiler emissions meet international standards. 2. The selection of high quality, long life gas hot water boiler service life longer than ordinary boilers. Many advanced gas equipment are multilayer centrifugal glass wool insulation, but also to prevent rust and less heat loss. These excellent material, on the one hand to ensure a high boiler heat transfer equipment, significant cost savings for businesses, on the other hand excellent material, production of fine, to ensure that such equipment has a longer than normal gas hot water boiler life. 3. fully automated control with the development of science and technology, intelligence also spread to the field of gas hot water boiler equipment, gas hot water boiler intelligent control are used, the operator need not operate as an ordinary boiler to the scene as the operation switch, but by controlling intelligent control room computer system to complete the whole process, which greatly protect the personal safety of operating personnel. Also manufacturers will also provide after-sales service, ensure that the entire purchase, installation, maintenance train service failure. It is gas hot water boiler equipment with excellent quality, long service life, intelligent operation to reduce personnel accidents, and improve after-sales service is better than ordinary boiler prominent feature, complete category of gas hot water boiler facilities was more and more users of all ages. With escalating gas boiler technology optimization, gas boiler will bring a better experience for the user, and to meet the needs of more people.

Prevention of industrial 8t boiler machine price uzbekistans produce condensate hazardous industrial boilers which produce condensed water hazard control measures which 1, bold and hydrophobic visible drainage pipe in the boiler inspection process and found that the condensate is not easy to accumulate in the water-tube boiler, while the horizontal boiler shell boiler drain more, but part of the boiler there is still a large amount of condensate (most of which are newly installed and running). The analysis revealed that, due to the large side of the boiler combustion space, even drainage arrangement, large diameter, tube bundle boiler convective condensation water formed can be discharged. Small smoke tube boiler combustion space levels, due to the structure until the drain can only be arranged at the bottom tube sheet boiler and after the drain of less than 30 mm in diameter, and designed to prevent leakage of boiler flue gas, directly connected to the drain pipe drainage pipes. In operation, the contents of the boiler easy to plug welding slag, rust particles. 2, to adjust the position of the economizer due to the large volume of the boiler, economizer boiler mostly installed in a horizontal tail position, while some horizontal boiler economizer housing is mounted directly or obliquely above the boiler flue outlet, the boiler the lowest point of the flue gas flow. Although the drain pipe installed at the bottom of the economizer, but due to gravity, most of the condenser, condenser and condenser will be returned to the boiler flue. During operation, condensed water after a long period of rinsing, immersed in a heating boiler section. Due to the different materials and material economizer boiler, economizer 09CrCuSb, designed using a material having a strong corrosion resistance, and without considering the design of boiler condensate corrosion conditions, 20g materials, poor corrosion resistance, easily corroded. 3, appropriately increasing the return water temperature in the boiler load or the energy efficiency of the testing process in industrial boilers, most of the boiler has a low load operation. Operated at the design load, the exhaust gas temperature before entering the boiler flue gas economizer is higher than the dew point, in the low load operation, the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler flue gas is lower than the dew point, so in the case of satisfying the condition, as far as possible should be boiler work in the vicinity of the design load, or take action. Measures could be taken to improve the return water temperature of the hot water boiler. For example, in the secondary heating system network, a network should decrease the flow, to increase the temperature of the primary water supply and return pipe network. Thereby raising the temperature of the flue gas leaving the boiler heating surface of the body, to avoid condensation of water vapor in the heating surface of the boiler body. 4, the depth of the condensed water recovered by previously described, the industrial gas boiler condensate is quite large, which is part of the condensed water is not effectively contain some depth using heat, in order to take effective measures to recover heat and water. For example, we may be adjusted by adding an alkaline agent (ammonia, cyclohexane, etc.) pH value of the condensate, which is then pumped into the heating system, which not only saves water, and heat is recovered.

The fact that we determined to achieve cooperation with the fast 8t boiler machine price uzbekistan is a very wise decision, after a period of time put into the boiler efficiency significantly much higher than our original boiler efficiency, significantly reduce fuel costs, the economic benefits brought by the boiler is obvious. --customer feedback

Ordinary 8t boiler machine price uzbekistan exhaust gas temperature of about 220 deg.] C, the water vapor generated during fuel combustion are discharged with the flue gas from the smoke tube, which can lose a lot of heat. These condensing boilers is recycled part of the heat, heating return water heating system, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler by reducing the exhaust gas temperature (below 90 ℃). In the same amount of gas consumption, the lower the boiler return, the more heat is recovered, the higher the thermal efficiency of the boiler.