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What harm improper maintenance period after discontinuation of the gas boiler heating

At present, China's heating season has come to an end, many dedicated to heating gas boiler has entered the period of suspension. Many users believe that disabled the boiler tubes will not need to, as long as doing cleaning and inspection work on it at the time of shutdown. As the boiler in the boiler industry for many years of business - fast boiler tell you, if neglected maintenance of the boiler during the gas boiler disabled, it is easy to make the boiler anomalies occur at the next start.

Garbage fired CFB boiler also be called rubbish fired CFB boiler, wastes fired CFB boiler etc. This type of CFB boiler with energy-saving, Eco-friendly, high-efficiency etc advantages.

Henan gas boiler shutdown procedure when the specific operation is as follows 1, Henan gradually reduce the load of the gas boiler, the burner until the fire is in a low state, the manual switch to control the selection. 2, switch off the burner, and the fan stops rotating. 3, switch off the power switch and the pump. 4, closing the gas supply valve (solenoid valve to prevent leakage of air leakage into the furnace). 5, when the internal pressure of the gas boiler Henan drops nearly to zero, should the air valve is opened to allow air into the boiler to prevent the formation of negative pressure within the boiler. 6, the pump should normally open power switch, automatic replenishment in order to keep the water in the boiler, without causing the boiler water. For higher boiler automatic control program, a normal shutdown operation more simple: shutdown button press, i.e. the boiler combustion fuel cut is terminated, the purge time. At this point the pump continues running water, when the water level in the boiler to the normal position, the pump will automatically stop working, then later cut off the main power. It must be noted that, in addition to the accident and emergency shutdown shutdown, the general method should not be taken to cut off the power supply will be shutdown. Timely Henan gas boiler and ancillary equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection after the shutdown, if found defective equipment should make a record, use and repair during the shutdown. When Henan gas boiler emergency shutdown, immediately stop gas supply to the combustion chamber, burner disable, shut down the boiler main steam valve. If the vapor pressure increases should be appropriate to open the exhaust valve. In addition to severe water shortage and water full of accidents, in general, it should continue to boiler feed water and keep the water level is normal. Open the door and ventilation door for ventilation, to cool the boiler as soon as possible.

June 22, 2018 in the evening around 6:40, Chongqing Hechuan keel village "Ding taste the food factory" boiler exploded, the accident killed two people, three people were injured.

At the scene, boiler room Zhata, damaged boiler flew ten meters outside the field, next to a few factories are subject to different degrees of damage, around the ruins. But because not many nearby residents, no adverse impacts to other villagers.

According food factory owner friends when the accident occurred, both inside and outside the boiler room just five people. One person was killed and four people were injured, one of whom died en route to hospital, the other three in stable condition and is currently being treated in. It is understood, Ding taste the food factory is a small tofu factory, usually only a few factory workers. When the accident occurred, it is time off work, the boss's father, Huang uncle went to the boiler room, prepare a little help, but I do not know which part of improper operation, resulting in an explosion.

The boiler explosion, resulting in serious consequences and impact, but also sounded a warning for the steam boiler is using various food processing plants. Steam boiler output to high-temperature steam, with a certain risk, in use, to operate in strict accordance with the provisions, not miss any details, nor allow non-professional staff stoker boiler operation to avoid unnecessary losses.

1, boiler factory should be accompanied by "technical safety specifications of the design documents, product quality certification, safety and the use and maintenance instructions, supervision and inspection certificate (safety supervision and inspection certificate performance)."

2, boiler installation, maintenance, alteration. Engaged in the installation of the boiler, maintenance, renovation of the unit shall obtain special equipment installation and maintenance certificates issued by the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision, before engaging in the boiler installation, maintenance, alteration. Construction unit before construction will be prepared for installation, maintenance, alteration in writing inform the special equipment safety supervision and management department of the municipality or district, and will start informing sent to the local county level Quality and Technical Supervision for the record, told immediately after construction.

3, inspection of boiler installation, maintenance, transformation. After construction, the construction unit of Special Equipment To Quality and Technical Supervision, Inspection and declared the boiler installation supervisory inspection and hydrostatic testing. After passing by the Quality and Technical Supervision, Special Equipment Inspection, County of Quality and Technical Supervision involved in overall acceptance.

4, registration boiler. After the boiler inspection, the use of units must be in accordance with the "special equipment registration and use of management rules", fill "boiler (census) Registration Form" to the Quality and Technical Supervision registered, and obtain a "safe use of special equipment registration certificate" .

5, operation of the boiler. Boiler operation must be performed by trained and qualified to obtain "special equipment operator certificate" certified personnel to operate, must strictly abide by the rules and eight systems, six record.

6, check the boiler. Periodic inspection of boiler once a year, not be used without safety periodic inspection of boilers. Safety accessories safety valve of the boiler regular inspection once a year, pressure gauge biannually verified, may not be used without the periodic inspection of the safety accessories.