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hot water boiler types

Recently, the market supervision bureau Zhoushan Development and Reform Commission and the relevant district towns, streets and CMC, 35 steam tons / hour and below the coal-fired boilers situation within the region to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, and to develop in accordance with the relevant requirements of provinces the remediation plan, renovation of existing enterprises to carry out classification boiler eliminated.

Accelerate the phase-out of coal-fired boiler renovation work is to win the Battle of the sky, to lay an important task for the campaign of prevention of pollution. In recent years, Putuo District of Zhoushan City, to speed up the adjustment of energy structure, and actively encourage enterprises to adopt "coal to gas," "coal to oil" as well as central heating and other measures. By the end of 2018, the district has completed the elimination or modification for 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired boilers 175 units, effectively promote pollution reduction work.

According to "Zhejiang win the Battle of Blue Sky three-year action plan" requirements, by 2020, the province will be basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boilers, more than 35 steam tons / hour of high pollution and energy-saving ultra-complete boiler low-emission transformation. Next, our region will be based on the unified arrangements of provinces and cities, and actively practice the concept of green development, continue to promote the 10-35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler out of rectification work to further improve the air quality in Putuo District.

What structure and principles of industrial boilers in particular? What structure and principles of industrial boilers in particular? Industrial boilers has become the hottest on the market boiler boiler. Whether it is gas or gas hot water boiler types steam boilers, gas boilers generally use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and city gas as a fuel gas fuel. First, the working principle of gas steam boiler: the furnace and the combustion heat of the fuel gas steam boiler, heating pot of water evaporated into steam. Water pan (drum) in the furnace gases are fuel combustion energy released continuously heated, increasing the temperature and pressure steam is generated. When the boiling point of water increases with increased pressure, is sealed pot, the pot water vapor expansion is limited, and therefore the thermodynamic pressure (strictly speaking, water steam boiler). It is widely used as an energy source in the drum, the water is heated and vaporized again to saturation. Second, gas steam boiler basic structure: gas steam boilers and boiler drum consists of two body parts protection, instrumentation equipment, automatic control and protection system of continuous safe operation of its composition. This boiler water wall boiler drum boiler drum in the zoning arrangement, the first two return pipe fireworks smog chamber back to the drum. Connected between the drum and the tank, with water-cooling pipe and the downcomer, which constitute the framework of the combustion chamber. The pot is provided at the top with a steam water separator, to reduce the amount of water extracted from the steam. The bottom of the pan heating surface of the drum, and fireworks waterwall tubes.

The disadvantage of hot water heating is that the investment of external pipe network is greater than that of steam heating, especially when the temperature difference between water supply and return water is less. The capacity of hot water heating circulating pump is large, and it consumes more electric energy, which increases the running cost. Because of the large proportion of water, there will be considerable gravity pressure difference in the area with large terrain height difference and in the high-rise building, which brings a lot of complexity to the design and operation of the system. However, the economic benefits of hot water heating are remarkable. Therefore, hot water heating should be developed vigorously and high efficiency and large capacity hot water boiler typess should be installed in regional boiler rooms.

Boiler and steam conditions What? 1) normal boiler plant, combustion stability. 2 vapor pressure) and steam the furnace tube is slightly lower than the vapor pressure of main steam 1 to 2 psig pressure in the boiler; Table 2-3 high pressure boiler. This is to avoid excessive pressure is not very stable Ambassador temperature steam into the oven from the start a lot of steam main pipe, causing the steam with water, boiler water level impact and instability. 3) steam temperature and steam oven should be slightly rating, and specific values ​​should be considered equipment conditions. This is to avoid over-temperature and rapid decrease due to the steam or steam temperature steam main pipe and the furnace for the force with water (4) drum water level is maintained low level. This is because in order to avoid contact with the steam and the water level rises over the water load (5) steam quality (including Na +, or the amount of salt content) qualified. This is to avoid vapor and steam oven failed to affect the quality of the mother pipe steam quality.