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hot water boilers for domestic heating

What boiler scale? Formation of scale: precipitation from the supersaturated solid matter boiler water, boiler water dissolved in some salts have some solubility, exceeds the solubility limit, boiler water becomes supersaturated solutions of certain salts, when this exceeds part, it is extracted from the boiler water.

Vertical steam boiler will affect a large fan vibration running long vertical steam boiler fan speed operation, large mechanical wear and vibration, especially at low load unit, fan baffle throttle more, fans work in the unstable region, easily cause fan vibration. In addition, low vertical coal-fired steam boiler induced fan system automation level, can not adjust, low operating efficiency, fan vibration is relatively strong, not only equipment maintenance costs, but also poses a potential threat to the safe operation of the unit. Vertical steam boiler can be considered, Fan Vertical coal-fired steam boilers high pressure transducer, induced draft fan boiler using frequency control. To do the following: First, each exhaust fan arranged a high-voltage inverter. The inverter is connected to the high speed winding machine. Low speed winding of the motor coupled to the low-speed circuit breaker for the bypass operation when the inverter failure. Then, between the drive motor and additional disconnecting switch cabinet, electrically connected to the low-speed circuit breaker. High motor speeds, the door closing isolation knife, the low-speed circuit breaker closing prohibition. Motor bypass operation, the isolation switch off, the low-speed low speed motor control circuit breaker. Output frequency of the inverter is controlled by the speed control signal in accordance with the negative pressure 4-20mA vertical coal-fired steam boiler furnace start and stop the inverter output control signal by DCS.

The Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia, due to its special geographical location, well into the cold season, heating boilers put into use. Safe use of district heating boiler equipment, Hulunbeir special inspection carried out the inspection work to ensure the operation of heating boilers for the Evenki Autonomous Banner Dayan Town, tie Nihe mine, Bayan hematoxylin lofty Kong and other regions.

Inspectors checked one by one aspect of the boiler, safety accessories, ancillary equipment, water quality management and data review and so on; and the verification process in all corporate communications using the boiler should pay attention to regulatory knowledge and safety knowledge, urged business executives to issue timely corrective to ensure the safe use of heating boilers.

CFB boilers operation advantages feature in total NOx emissions will be limited.

Total SO2 emissions in the flue gas will be limited.About 70% of the SO2 formed during the combustion of sulfur in the fuel will be captured internally by the calcium oxide generated from the calculation of the limestone in the CFB combustor.