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In response to the state-assigned air quality improvement objectives and environmental supervision central feedback coal-fired boilers stores environmental pollution rectification program, Kang County, Gansu Province based on "government-led, relying on real responsibility, Take Measures to proceed with" principle, accelerate the burning of remediation work out of the coal boiler, and to develop the following measures, at present, reconstruction activities are being actively promoted.

A: a comprehensive investigation, the establishment of accounting. For urban areas, towns, Kudo industrial parks all coal-fired boilers to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, a total of investigation and the use of the boiler 31 enterprises, a total of 38 boilers, electric boilers and removal of fuel two boilers, coal-fired boilers county a total of 36, including two sets of 20 tons of steam boilers, coal-fired boiler pressure 4. In the diagnostic process, the situation boiler location, type, number of units, the tonnage, use, carefully verify the age and so on, and sort out the summary, so that a boiler does not leak, the device information is not a shortage.

Two: to strengthen publicity, and create atmosphere. Through new media, focus on advocacy, government circulars issued, will be held to promote the government leaders in charge of on-site investigation led mobilization and other forms of media offensive formation, multi-level multi-angle carry out various forms of publicity and education remediation phase out coal-fired boilers, each guide society personnel support and participate actively promote the use of coal-fired boiler units understand the situation, to speed up the phase-out of coal-fired boiler renovation.

Three: supervision of interviews, results-oriented. Person in charge of the county Bureau of Quality Supervision led, in-depth coal-fired boiler unit, for the slowness, lack of knowledge, waiting to see the business units and enlighten them with reason, and emotionally moving. With the responsible persons of the two job interviews lag to not be one of them out of the situation Reconstruction of boiler in accordance with national policy requirements, on-site recovery boiler registration certificate and ordered deadline to be removed or modified.

Kang mentioned standard by the transformation, step out, closed down closed down, to gas and electricity from coal to supervise a number of measures to actively promote the elimination of remediation coal-fired boilers. Currently the county out of 29 coal-fired boiler units, of which 15 units destructive demolition, stop burning close 12 stations, two mentioned standard transformation. The remaining seven out of focus on remediation plan included in this year, the county continues to promote this work, and to call on the unit enthusiastic, standards do not fall, the team leave, determined to complete the end of October this year, the county and below 10 tons of steam coal-fired boiler work all clear.

Build waste heat recovery boilers store

Roughly speaking about build waste heat recovery boiler:

Component type electric boilers store electric heating is typically divided manner by the electric components resistance type, electric type and level dielectric film type. This type of resistance is a resistance type high impedance tubular heating elements. When the original power access, the tubular heating elements caused by high fever, become water or water vapor. Heating the tubular member from the metal shell, an electrical wire and a vulcanization constituted widened. Former prime advantages of this type of water is not required electrical impulse, the application will be more secure, not easy to waste water. Problem is to enhance the volume that the total number of the heating furnace, the heating furnace tube load based on the total number of heating elements is adjustable to adjust the furnace. Thus, the volume of this type of furnace heating element structure defining suffer layout. Features high heat transfer coefficient design principle of power-stage power stage components are inserted into the electric water level, water use electromagnetic energy immediately converted to energy. Basically there is no harm in this type of kinetic energy conversion process. Electrical power level and the level is divided into general Gao piezoelectric stage. Electric furnace operation level is very Security Council, the furnace is not prone to dry fuel conditions. If the furnace because the water is turned off, the electrical intermediate stage inlet is turned off, transmission and distribution of zero, it will automatically terminate the operation of the furnace. three. Film electrical heating up the transformation process in recent years this advanced technology, it has a higher conversion rate than the electrically heated resistance wire heating. The mechanism is galvanized pipe porcelain finish coating pond which is called the photovoltaic device electric microspheres Pu membrane material (metal oxide), heating for a few kilowatts of power conversion. Its use cover a wide range, long-life, anti-AC potential impact strength, strong adhesion with the substrate, chilling, heat impact damage strong potential. Simple applicable to a variety of base materials, facilities, less capital injection process using a bad environment requirements low.

Which boilers store needs to remove dirt alkali cooking? Rust and dirt inside the boiler only affects the output, wasted fuel, reduce steam quality, but also cause overheating burning heating surface, so the timely removal of rust, grease, dirt in the boiler is necessary. Boiler scale commonly used pickling and alkali cooking method to remove, but which require boiler base crabbing? 1. newly installed boilers or pressure element through repair, alteration boiler. Because a certain amount of the boiler into the interior rust, grease and dirt in the manufacture, repair and installation process. 2. Run the knot born some time a certain scale, but does not meet the conditions of the pickling boiler version 99 "boiler chemical cleaning rules." 3. Run a warm period, especially in the Northeast region of China is generally used for heating hot water boilers, and rated each boiler for heat mostly no more than 4.2MW, and the water is basically surface water, suspended solids in water more, after running for some time, more dirt pot residue, after running the heating period, immediately boiling out cleaning, otherwise it will cause electrochemical corrosion under the scale boiler and shorten the life of the boiler