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11Th Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler For Paper Mill

Pressure boiler furnace designed with the characteristics of the fuel pressure boiler furnace designed with the two main parts of the boiler body is characteristic of the furnace and the fuel pressure drum. Furnace, also called a combustion chamber, a fuel combustion space. The solid fuel on the grate furnace called stratified combustion furnace, also called fire bed furnace, and a liquid, gaseous or solid powdered fuel is injected into the combustion chamber in a combustion furnace, combustion chamber furnace referred to, also known as for the furnace fire chamber, a liquid, a gas or a pulverized solid fuel injected into the combustion chamber of the furnace, also known as combustion furnace; coal particles and air lift to a boiling state combustion furnace for combustion of low-grade fuel is called boiling furnace, also known as fluidized bed furnace; high-speed rotation of the coal particles by a gas flow and strongly cylindrical combustion furnace known as a cyclone furnace. Atmospheric overall configuration of a boiler furnace body includes two parts and auxiliary equipment. Boiler furnace, drum, burner, water wall superheater, economizer, air preheater, and the furnace wall, etc. The main frame member constituting the core part of the steam production, called boiler. Furnace design needs to fully consider the characteristics of the fuel used. Each boiler combustion of the original fuel should as much as possible. Different characteristics of fuel economy will reduce boiler operation and reliability. It is a natural circulation boiler drum and multiple forced circulation boiler, economizer receiving water circulation circuit connected to the saturated steam supplied to the superheater of the cylindrical container. Boiler drum is made of high quality steel plate, it is one of the heaviest components of the boiler.

Maintenance and installation instructions boiler environmental protection boiler water clean-up at least once a month: on the furnace grate string of pipes and water pipes at the water cross scale. Always check: valve, pipe, flow is flexible door sheet intact, to prevent clogging, damage should be found to repair and restoration. Cleaning at least once a week, and the boiler flue gas path surface fire, arch wall, Guanfan, pipe tobacco, soot and smoke chamber grime, etc., to keep the heating surface clean, stable heat transfer. When the water heater and heating system is installed, the main line and the last two are not allowed to just valving. Other air bag inlet pipe may be installed at each branch for adjusting the control valve system balance, the smaller is generally the closer the opening degree from the furnace, whereas the more distal opening degree increases. When the valve opening is adjusted to the proper position, not twist, so as not to influence the heating effect. Fill the tank water heaters is open, its role with the expansion tank. Prohibit any valve mounted on the furnace body and connected to the tank conduit. Usually the main pipe heating installation slope i = 0.005. Riser mounted to the vertical, per meter length of not more than 3 mm. A normal heating boiler water temperature should not exceed 85 ℃, such as the temperature exceeds the complement in order to continue running when the tank overflow tube or overflow a large number of air, immediately check the hot water circulation system shutdown has blocked until troubleshooting. When the water level inside the heating supply water should be kept in a glass of water gauge water line visible range, prohibiting see cast coal burning furnace at less than the case of the water level in the water gauge glass, causing the system to prevent water shortages. Boiler installation location should be close to a hot spot closer a distance as possible to reduce heat loss. Piping system may be depending on the use. Water heaters based on the principle of gravity circulating water, due to the small circulating water gravity pressure head, and therefore, the installation must be less than the last group of the furnace heating bag, the vertical distance is generally 0.5-1 meters.

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Gas Steam Boiler non-normal stall, a phenomenon and treatment, flame reasons: 1, the operation of the auxiliary power supply or trip interruption. 2, boiler combustion instability. 3, the load is too low, so that the load sharply mill automatic ignition energy loss or failure of combustion. 4, mutant coal, coal volatile or low calorific value. 5, the automatic combustion flame detector failure or failure caused by tripping mill. 6, or blast furnace wall tubes serious improper boiler soot-blowing operation, a large amount of water vapor into the combustion chamber. 7, coal pulverizing system, fuel system failure, resulting in a significant amount of fuel reduction or interruption. Or with a large amount of water in the fuel oil gun blocked too many impurities, low pressure steam or atomized. Second, the phenomenon: 1, a significant increase in furnace pressure, furnace flame monitoring flameless CRT display. See the fire no fire hole, BTG warning window MFT warning lights. 2, the unit load decrease, the steam flow drops rapidly, each segment working medium temperature, the vapor pressure decreases, the value of oxygen surge. Third, the method of treatment: 1, if the MFT tripping protection, should an emergency shutdown processing, stop the supply of fuel. 2, identify the cause flameout, and try to eliminate, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the boiler, after confirming the device properly, can restart. How early circulating fluidized bed boiler ignition achieve the protection of reheaters? Fire causes of valve failure chemical industry regulation and Countermeasures bearing parts heat treated high boiler common defects due to low bypass the security gate and reheaters failure phenomenon and treatment of condensate pump turbine worm gear failure cause analysis and improvement measures in the pneumatic valve powder operating system instructions on how to implement.