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boiler yoshimine tipe h 1600s dijual

Since more than six months since the boiler yoshimine tipe h 1600s dijual equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback

Condensing heat recovery boiler yoshimine tipe h 1600s dijual comprises a latent heat of vaporization and sensible heat of the water vapor portion of the high temperature flue gas. Recovering sensible heat change with decreasing flue gas temperature is not great; recovered latent heat of vaporization of water vapor as the temperature decrease vary greatly, when the higher exhaust gas temperature, very little recovery of latent heat, with significantly lower exhaust gas temperature, the recovery of latent heat increases rapidly, and subsequently stabilized, condensed from the point of view, the difficulty of flue gas condensation of the flue gas with decreasing temperature and increasing.

Coal-fired boiler yoshimine tipe h 1600s dijual which can be transformed into wet coal fired boilers and benefits: on specific types of boiler, the following will be involved, for this kind of boiler coal-fired boiler, because it is not only common and popular types of boilers, and the necessity Moreover, the site is still in the product, so have the knowledge to understand, so that can achieve the proper use and rational utilization of coal-fired boilers. 1. coal-fired boiler installation is carried out according to what drawing? Which can be converted into fuel boiler it? Coal-fired boiler installation, in general, is carried out in accordance with the overall assembly drawing boiler, thus, a good job done, to avoid incorrect installation. And this kind of boiler, can be converted into fuel boiler, however, need to have some expertise, as well as some experience and technology, so as to ensure the smooth progress of conversion work and avoid problems in the conversion process. 2. Why coal-fired boilers can burn wet coal? Coal-fired boiler, which can burn coal wet reason is as follows: when the coal with water, the reaction occurs in a high temperature environment to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide, in turn, accelerate the reaction rate, and to accelerate the burning speed. So, it can bring some benefits, it is worth combustion.

Fourth, the furnace structure

One of boiler furnace diameters are also very important (design) parameters.