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efficiency of fire tube boiler

Sootblowing heating surface is to keep clean. Due to the small thermal conductivity ash, efficiency of fire tube boiler heating surface fouling, affect the heat transfer of the heating surface, the temperature of the endothermic working fluid drops, the exhaust gas temperature rises, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler; severe fouling, the flue gas flow reduced cross-sectional area, the flow resistance increases, increasing the wind electrical energy consumption, reduce the load of the boiler operation, even forced shutdown; fouling since the rear smoke temperature rise, the tail affect the safe operation of heating surface. Local severe fouling, it is possible to form a "smoke corridor", the local speed increase of smoke due to the heating surface, increased wear. It should periodically heating surface boiler soot blowing.

1. Run the water level changes and adjustments condensing gas efficiency of fire tube boiler drum level condensing gas boiler why change? Causes changes in water level is balancing substance (to equilibrium water content and amount of evaporation) and the destruction of the working fluid status change. As to the amount of water greater than the amount of evaporation, the water level rises; evaporation to water is less than the amount of water decreased; equal to the water level remains unchanged evaporation. However, even if the material balance, if the refrigerant changes state, the water level will continue to change, such as the furnace heat release mutation or mutations external load, and a saturated vapor pressure changes with temperature, so that the specific volume and the volume of water vapor in the water and changes in the number of bubbles caused by water level changes have occurred. 2. How to adjust the water level in the gas condensing boiler? Adjust boiler normal operation of the boiler water level, drum water level to maintain stability, should do the following: (1) to control the water level, water level must be carefully monitored, in principle, subject to a water level, water level gauge with electrical contacts for the The main monitoring meter. To maintain the water level in place clear and accurate. If the water level gauge mica or no rocked slightly unclear, flush water level indicator, each periodic control level gauge accurately determine changes in boiler water level of the condensed gas. (2) at any time to monitor steam flow, water flow, pressure and water pressure drum major data found is not normal, immediately identify the reasons for timely processing. (3) If the water level more than ten 50mm, should adjust the door off a small water supply, reduce the amount of water, if it continues to rise to + 75 mm, should open the door turn on the water drainage accident to the normal water level, and investigate the cause. (4) condensing gas boiler normal operation, the water level below -50mm, it is timely to open a large door increases the amount of water to adjust the water supply, the water level back to normal as quickly as possible, and to identify the reasons for timely treatment. (5) lifting the load unit, to start and stop the pump, high pressure heater or splitting, boiler blowdown periodically to empty or exhaust steam safety valve operating and accident conditions, respond to changes that occur ahead of drum water level is adjusted.

Biomass rice husk fired hot water efficiency of fire tube boiler suppliers

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