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Industrial 8t Diesel Boiler Armenia

Henan a gas industrial 8t diesel boiler armenia operating instructions. Henan open gas-fired boiler furnace 1. Check Check Henan gas steam boiler cylinders the steam valve (production, bathroom hot water tank), should be in the closed state 2. Check Henan gas boiler water level gauge, It should be in the L level to H scale range. Water level gauge valve should be in an open position. When dry, replenishment should manually into the L and H-scale range soft water tank 3. Check level Henan gas boiler, the water level should be in the high pressure gas 4. Check the status Henan gas boiler, 4-5Kp should be within the range, and the gas boiler Henan 5. check room Henan no gas odor gas boiler water softening equipment, should be at the "water production" state, water tanks and water production testing should be blue. 6. Check Henan gas boiler inlet valve 7 is open should check Henan gas boiler dosing bucket level, should be above the minimum dosing graduations. 8. Check Henan gas boiler control each switch box, is in the standby state two. Henan gas boiler 1. Open the power turned on, until the end of the voice prompt, the panel press "RUN" operation. 2. Check Henan gas boiler flanges and valves, no gas leak. Note 3. Henan gas boiler runtime matters: A, Henan check within the gas boiler furnace should be no abnormal sound. The flame is blue. B, when viewed Henan gas boiler feed water, the pump should be in working order. Pressure (0.2 to 0.4). C, Henan observed tonic gas boiler, a state should be in automatic infusion. D, examination Henan Burner gas, when the air pressure was raised to 0.8MP, should be in the stopped state. 4. aspirated, slowly open the main steam valve, to avoid water hammer; steam trap is to be a main valve fully open slowly. 5. When the pressure was raised to 0.4 ~ 0.8MP operating pressure, manual drain valve to open sub-cylinder, 20 seconds off. Power operation, should pay attention to the boiler operating conditions, not to leave. When the shutdown check exceeds the specified value. III. Henan normal gas boiler shutdown 1. Click on the control panel the red "STOP" button to confirm the burner stops running, personnel before leaving. 2. burner to be completely stopped, wait 30 minutes after closing the steam valve cylinder points. IV. Henan gas boiler blowdown method of operation when the water level is in the M or H level, the control panel of the pump control button to manually hit. (Note: When the water level is L, a direct discharge valve is opened).

Winter heating, gas industrial 8t diesel boiler armenias will be a trend in winter heating and domestic hot water, gas heating and hot water boiler is a dual-purpose cleaning boilers, gas boilers can be said to be indispensable to a product boiler heating products It is an important component of the HVAC system. We use the gas boiler heating tubes in order to heat the water circulating. Gas-fired boiler widely used in household and industrial production, the product on the market can be said of very many species, variety, which gives consumers the opportunity to fully selected, but will also how to select the problems facing in front of consumers, which requires us to buy gas boiler when their eyes open, select the right performance gas boiler, then introduce you to a good measure of performance of the gas boiler. Good gas boiler performance metrics: When we select the gas boiler in terms of services and options selected include power most people's view, the manufacturers in marketing their products to the advantage of exposition is eloquent, for after-sales service in every possible way commitment, and really is not much to do as promised. Gas boiler temperature control can be achieved, time switch, rational use of power, 40 ℃ -80 ℃ freely adjustable, but also save than the gas under the same conditions. Multiple security protection is provided with a double leakage protection, anti-dry protection, no indoor air pollution, over-temperature alarm, security interference power fast heating, high thermal efficiency for 1 minute, the hot water circulation from the heater to the radiator tank. The same brand of gas boiler has a variety of power options. Selected power, waste of money, a waste of energy. Choose power, small money and energy waste, but not up to the requirements. Gas boiler outlet temperature above 70 ℃, 30 minutes radiator temperature reached 75 deg.] C or more. Pressureless circulation plumbing machine with a drying cycle is not without pressure plumbing, heating the room to meet the various units, to avoid drying, without humidification. Gas boiler for the corresponding case of the standard set in the heating and use, in particular during the use of the full use of appropriate design form, in particular to show the important contribution of heating in winter.

We have long known that fast industrial 8t diesel boiler armenia this brand, high-tech enterprises in Henan Province, the most influential brand, technology entrepreneurs contribution to enterprise and many other honors, so that our brand is very interested in each other fast. Through this collaboration, proving once again that our decision is not wrong, 15 tons of steam condensing gas boiler provides steam to fully meet the needs of our dairy products processing plant. --customer feedback

First, the concept of "soot blowing", the long-run gas industrial 8t diesel boiler armenia, heating surface fouling and coking occur, so that the heat transfer deterioration; backpass respect, since the long-term accumulation of combustible material, is likely to occur reburning fuel incidents, hence the need for sootblowing work heating surface in the boiler after running for some time, in order to clean the boiler heating surfaces. Second, how to complete the "soot blowing" 1, using a short sootblower lance tube furnace for heating water wall surface sootblowing. 2, with a long flue soot-blowing lance tube, a superheater heating surface sootblowing reheater, economizer, air preheater and the like. Third, the "soot blowing" effect on the safe operation of the boiler to gas boiler soot blowers can cause negative pressure boilers, steam temperature, steam pressure, load, fluctuations in the water level, but also bring to the boiler soot blowing influence of different heating surface They are not the same, to deal with these parameters in the process of strengthening the soot-blowing view. On the impact of boiler soot blowing, in the following areas: 1, soot blowers for the stability of combustion have been affected, in the soot blowing process should strengthen the monitoring of combustion. 2, at low load operation and combustion instability, can not work sootblowing; simultaneously, so that the heating surface cleaning sootblowing, increased heat absorption, thus making the exhaust gas temperature is lowered. 3, since the sootblowing furnace pressure fluctuations result, a large negative pressure should be maintained in the furnace to prevent soot blowing to take pressure.