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Condensing a portion of the air preheater and use of double combination economizer design. Internal economizer heat exchanger elements using the new technology - the wings of the tube instead of finned tubes, a five-fold increase in heat transfer area at the same volume, latent heat of vaporization of the portion of the flue gas is sufficiently absorbed, effective utilization of the fuel energy, energy saving at the same time enhance the efficiency of the use of the commercial boiler brand 2t supplier. Air preheater is further absorbed by the air and the flue gas convection heat latent heat of flue gas, and the air heated by the air preheater is connected directly into the burner tube, providing warm air for the fuel, thus improving combustion efficiency. This exhibition brings Chinese fast "Euromonitor" series boilers attracted a large number of customers, to give customers unlimited. Here, fast Boiler staff wish the exhibition every success.

Steam commercial boiler brand 2t supplier model parameters of the gas boiler is the most common problem is a problem of scale, which we need to carry out cleaning and maintenance work. Gas boiler water treatment work is to prevent gas boiler fouling. However, due to improper or method of treatment for other conditions, often in some boilers have varying degrees junction scale. In order to ensure safe and economic operation of the gas boiler, for the scale to be cleared in a timely manner. Mechanical cleaning gas boiler 1. Method: When the gas boiler furnace has a loose scale and slag, after shutdown so that the cooling gas boiler, let go of boiler water, rinse with water after, to use flat shovel, wire brushes, and a motor milling descaling header. This method is relatively simple, the scale used for simple small gas boiler. However, labor-intensive, ineffective cleaning, easy to damage the boiler. 2. A gas boiler descaling pickling method: acid cleaning method using hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, most of the cleaning. Pickling solution by adding nitric acid or hydrochloric acid was added inhibitor of the corrosion inhibitor composition. This can eliminate the acid liquid boiler scale (scale except when nitrate, hydrofluoric acid to be added), and very few corrosion gas boiler. Descaling pickling has dissolved, exfoliation and slack action. 3. The cleaning gas boiler alkali cooking method: alkali cooking method cleaning descaling, pickling cleaning effect than the difference method, but since a base boiled loose scale, and therefore difficult to remove for the scale with hydrochloric acid, before acid It may be treated with a base to conduct a cooking method. Alkali cooking method is simple, relatively small side effects. The disadvantage is a long time cooking oven, more reagent consumption, and poor results.

3. How to choose the induced draft fan in hot water commercial boiler brand 2t supplier? What is the definition of a small hot water boiler?

In hot water boiler, the selection of induced fan is to calculate the fuel quantity and air coefficient corresponding to the heat demand first. Then, the suitable induced draft fan is selected according to the total flow rate and the characteristic curve obtained.

China's environmental protection industry development momentum is strong, the era of industrial gas commercial boiler brand 2t supplier is inevitable. Now, there are many manufacturers purchase new gas-fired boiler or on the basis of the existing coal-fired boilers, the transformation of clean gas-fired boiler. How to make more provincial gas industrial gas boiler, is that many enterprises are most concerned about. Only good control at source gas costs in order to allow enterprises to get more benefits.