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6000kgs industrial steam boiler

10th June this year, the provincial government agrees that the ecological environment in Zhejiang Province Office issued the "Notice on the implementation of special emission limits national emission standards of air pollutants" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), marking the full implementation of Zhejiang Province especially national emission limits of air pollutants.

"Special emission limits" is mainly for land development density is already high, the environment carrying capacity began to weaken, or less atmospheric environmental capacity, ecological environment is fragile, more stringent prone to serious air pollution problems in sensitive areas and set the emission limits. Implementation of the national emission standards for special emission limits, Zhejiang Province in favor of further strict pollution management, reduce pollutant emissions, to further improve air quality, but also help promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta environmental standards.

In fact, back in 2013, Zhejiang has already begun in some areas particularly the implementation of the national emission standards limit emissions of air pollutants, but was limited to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Jiaxing and Shaoxing, Hangzhou Bay five cities; and this is to expand to the province level. In addition to a wider geographical range, "advertisement" clearer pollutant emissions targets, e.g., volatile organic contaminants not individual indicators, including not only non-methane hydrocarbons, total volatile organic compounds such as benzene, benzene and other pollutants indicators meet the definition of volatile organic compounds should be performed; also more involved in the industry, such as boilers only provides original coal-fired boiler, and "notice" it covers all types of boilers (including oil, gas).

It is reported that, in the national emission standards have been implemented, a total of 25 standards set emission limits of air pollutants in particular; at the same time, the recent ecological Ministry of Environment and the State Administration of market regulation has released three national emission standards of air pollutants, namely, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and adhesives and volatile organic compounds fugitive emission control standards, and will be from July 1, 2019 implementation. According to "notice" requirement, the province is also involved in the enterprise should implement special emission limits specified in the three standards, the execution time of the emission standards time synchronization. Provincial Department of Atmospheric environment Department official said: "The implementation of the national emission standards for emission limits in particular, help to further strict management of our province pollution, reduce pollutant emissions, to further improve air quality, but also help promote environmental protection in Yangtze River Delta standard integration. "

This user is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue. This means that they lost a lot of direct electricity costs. Insulation measures are so important, why some companies do not give electric boiler installed it?

Boiler combustion boiler automation control automation level of development is very high, the end of the current automation skills to become a new boiler technology. Gas heating system implemented in a computer-controlled heating system, in this system calculates the parameters calculated for each parameter and the entire boiler heating system in a normal state by, theorizes that the boiler load condition, then according to this result adjust the boiler load conditions, which results boiler should be open, centralized control of the boiler. According to such automated systems, we can achieve automatic timing switch boiler boiler room in order to achieve circulation operation of the gas boiler, not only energy-saving heating boiler, and can effectively extend the life of the boiler.

Tonnage role boiler flue gas temperature probe and the outlet pressure rating of the boiler to determine whether the boiler works will have an impact? And, in the thermal power plant, the outlet pressure of the boiler, which can be divided into grade? In addition, with regard to the boiler, what the relevant questions? These, since the beginning of the article proposes that the following may wish to give a specific answer, so that we can clearly understand, and thus, it can also enhance awareness and understanding of the boiler. 1. boiler, the tonnage will affect it work? Obviously, the answer to this question is not, is no, because between the boiler and the tonnage works, there is no need to contact, so that there is no effect. If, on the principle of the boiler will be summarized, so that the working process is for the fuel combustion, heat transfer, vaporization and heating of the water, and these superheated steam. 2. boiler, which must have three certificates? As well as before, boiler ignition, flue gas temperature probe into why? When the boiler is a must have product certification, product registration certificate annual inspection report and product certification of the three, the lack of a boiler can not be used. As for the use of Flue Gas Temperature probe before firing boiler, the main purpose is to flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace is detected, to prevent the boiler reheater tube temperature is too high to be burned out. 3. In the thermal power plant, the outlet pressure of the boiler, which can be divided into grade? Thermal power plant, for the outlet pressure of the boiler, in particular the division level, there is a low, medium, high pressure, high pressure, high pressure subcritical and supercritical six. Specifically, it is not more than 2.45MPa low pressure, medium pressure is 3.83MPa, EHV is 13.7 MPa, and the subcritical and supercritical, is within 16.7 MPa, and the range of 25MPa to 27MPa.