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biodiesel hot water boiler

In April 2012, our company had reached an sales agreement with a glass plat in Jordan. This glass plant ordered a set of 6 ton oil fired steam boiler to its glass manufacturing process. Our 6 ton oil fired steam boiler with good quality can provide steam during the production of glass. Our sales managers introduced 6 ton oil fired steam boilers in ZG whose manufacturing process are strictly following ASME and ISO9001 standard. Finally, this project went completed successfully. Till now, this good price 6 ton oil fired steam boiler still works well in this glass plant.

Product: 15 ton wns series gas fired steam boiler

Application field: tannery factory

Our company processes in multiple new energy automobile production will need to heat, the boiler equipment we choose is really a headache, fast Boiler solve our urgent needs. The purchase of electric water boiler system is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high thermal efficiency, saving a lot of operating costs for our company. --customer feedback

Second, the difference in thermal efficiency

Also mentioned briefly in front of the thermal efficiency condensing boiler is higher than ordinary boilers, we will talk about further thermal efficiency. Why focus on how the thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency have so important? Of course, important! The level of thermal efficiency of a boiler directly determine the level of consumption of these boilers, in other words the thermal efficiency is related to everyone pocket money!