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steam from boiler for th hospital

It provides fast side of steam from boiler for th hospital equipment, installation and commissioning after all normal, we immediately put into use, the hotel did not delay the normal heating. Meanwhile boiler capacity, energy efficient, fully able to meet the needs of heating and bathing water in our hotel rooms. --customer feedback

Electric heating steam steam from boiler for th hospital operation manual operation check before a steam boiler, the water supply and water treatment systems checks (1), each of the automatic water supply member inspection apparatus, various components and confirm no abnormality reaches normal operating conditions. (2), the pump will open the air hole discharging air, to the switch in the manual position and check the pump motor rotation direction is correct. (3), will pump import and export of valves fully open. (4), check valve or boiler feed valve open to the motor case. (5), check the water level and observe Hancock is flexible smooth. (6), rinse water level, and to observe the drainage Hancock, Hancock turned off, the water level return to normal. If abnormal phenomenon, immediately check the system and Hancock is blocked. (7), automatic check valve of the water supply system, valves and other shut-off valve to open or close properly. (8), ion exchange equipment, oxygen equipment and dosing equipment should be no leakage, clogging comprising operating conditions. 2, check the boiler (1), the body normally no leakage, no damage to normal skin, chimney smoke box firmly connected, whether normal visual observation hole. Safety accessories (2) check the boiler is normal: no pressure gauge is normal, normal water table indicates whether the safety valve is normal, the discharge is smooth. 3, check the boiler safety accessories (1) Check the pressure gauge, water level gauge, thermometer and connecting pipes and valves should be complete and meet the requirements. (2) Check the safety valves, relief valves should be installed a reasonable, smooth discharge pipe, there should be freezing measures. (3) a main steam valve, the switching valve to the check valve should be normal state. Adjustment controller (4) pressure is completed in a normal automatic control. (5) Check the valve block before the pressure is normal. 4, the controller checks automatically check circuit, a control panel and an instrument sensitive and reliable. 5, the control panel checks the electrical system and the automatic operation of each external element without exception, each of the operation switch is turned off or a protective stop position. And automatically check the boiler and electrical circuit elements associated normal, and finally turn the power switch in the control circuit of the total disc, the preparation operation is completed, a button to start operation.

In any case, steam from boiler for th hospital safety is one of the concerns of customers all over the world. The products of ZG boiler are not only sold to the world, but also widely praised.

Word of mouth is every steam from boiler for th hospital manufacturer's signature, the user groups gain a good reputation manufacturers of boilers, must also be good quality. Whether exhaustive corrosion resistant, energy-saving aspects of life or doing good effect.