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lalans boiler

Gas steam lalans boilers and hot water boilers have what a difference, the most important is that different products: hot water boiler manufacturing certain standard of hot water; gas steam boiler manufacturing refers to a certain standard of water vapor. Second, a slight difference on the aid: the case of hot water boiler with a circulating pump, gas steam boiler is not required; gas steam boiler dial gauge with water, hot water boiler is not required; gas steam boiler with partial cylinder, hot water boiler the water tank and the like; three, boiler production, the installation process, a boiler, gas boiler steam stability little more demanding. Fourth, the key is different purposes, gas boiler for producing steam temperature high pressure water vapor is used as the thermal aspect, textiles, etc. In medicine, because steam is produced, so that the pressurized container, and a boiler installation procedure unconditionally comply with relevant laws and manufacture of pressure hot water boiler is hot, not a pressure vessel.

Standard gas lalans boiler flue gas temperature, the abnormal temperature rise control method of treatment and a heat loss, the temperature of exhaust gas boiler 1. The state does not require a standard exhaust gas temperature, but there is a predetermined low efficiency. 2, the boiler exhaust gas at high temperature of about 120-180 degrees, the higher the exhaust gas temperature is low boiler efficiency. 3, the non-condensable exhaust gas temperature 180 degrees in the art (GB shall not less than 110 degrees) and a thermal energy conversion efficiency of the exhaust gas temperature, but also on the air coefficient and so on. Second, what factors will lead to gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature rises, there is a high gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature problems during use, gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature high will reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler, in order to solve the exhaust gas temperature excessive problems, to understand the reasons for the high temperature exhaust gas boiler? is caused by the high temperature exhaust gas boiler does what reason? 1, the heated area ash, slagging. Heat Surface Slag cause heat deterioration, deterioration of the cooling effect of the flue gas, the exhaust gas temperature. 2, when the excess air ratio and gas boiler leakage coefficient is too large, excess air increases with the same impact. 3, gas boiler feed water temperature rises. Economizer heat transfer temperature difference decreases the exhaust gas temperature rises. 4, the fuel property. When the fuel is added water, the amount of flue gas increases, the exhaust gas temperature rises. Low volatile fuels, high ash content, so that delayed ignition, the exhaust gas temperature rises. 5, combustion and air distribution mode. Combustion air distribution mode change, the furnace may lead to shift the center of the flame, the exhaust gas temperature rises. 6, when the gas boiler furnace negative pressure is too large, the smoke quicker, increase the coefficient of air leakage, the exhaust gas temperature. 7, bottom seal gas boiler water interrupted, leakage increases and the shift of the center of the flame, the exhaust gas temperature. To understand the reasons for the high temperature exhaust gas boiler, the reason to start to solve the problem of high boiler flue gas temperature, thereby increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Third, the high temperature exhaust gas boiler solution 1, see the burner power with power boiler match. Burner power is too large, the transfer of small gas flow on the line. 2, check the wind volume is too large. Adjusting the amount of the wind, the oxygen content of the combustion ratio at a reasonable gas boiler the exhaust gas temperature decreases, combustion energy. Fourth, an effective method of controlling exhaust gas heat losses of the boiler size, flue gas heat loss factors determines the size of the three: the exhaust gas temperature, excess air coefficient, and the cold air temperature. Wherein the excess air ratio of gas boiler is a major factor. Excess air ratio is too large is a large waste. A lot of cold air into the furnace, reducing the furnace temperature, combustion conditions become unstable, but also increases the flue gas volume, increased heat losses. Calculations show that when the excess air ratio is increased to 3.0 from 2.0, heat losses to 4.5%. While increasing the drum Fan burden, so power consumption increases. In order to improve the gas boiler thermal efficiency, we must pay attention to and raise awareness of the serious dangers for the high excess air ratio caused by combustion in the regulation strictly control the excess air ratio, the key to avoiding excess air furnace is reasonable with the wind and with adapted to monitor control. Monitoring means are CO2 or O2 content measurement method for measuring oxygen gas boiler is usually carried out, because the combustion of gas boiler a slight positive pressure, the seal is easy to solve the problem, the oxygen content is measured more accurately reflect the excess air coefficient values. Oxygen measurement techniques now commonly used zirconia-type oxygen analyzer constant temperature, continuous on-line measurement of the oxygen content of the flue gas. The flue gas oxygen content as a reference, the correct air-fuel ratio adjustment, a low oxygen combustion. About an effective method of controlling the size of the exhaust gas boiler heat loss, current advanced technology to automatically adjust the combustion process of oxygen combustion of PLD, followed by fine-tuning "two" that the throttle damper, to ensure normal combustion, black smoke, excess air ratio as small as possible, usually to achieve the above two points, the excess air ratio is close to the threshold. The current new generation of gas-fired boiler has been relatively safe, if you want to understand the use of gas-fired boiler, price, type and other information, please contact us.

Why can replace the traditional gas lalans boiler boiler equipment? As long as it's time to go to understand the boiler equipment, you will find this device, it can become a lot of places will use to a heating device, capable of providing hot water needed for people in the winter time, it can people will become familiar with the equipment, but also because of this, so that the application range of boiler equipment today is quite a wide range. That at the time of such boiler equipment to be understood, this might have found that it is now the boiler equipment began to appear a lot of different forms of energy, including the current gas boiler equipment, it has begun to be able to replace the traditional boiler equipment, mainly because such a device can have a lot of advantages. Familiarize yourself with it, you can find such a gas boiler equipment began to have changed a lot, and that is because it is part of a gas-based device, so the cost is relatively low, it is possible to see. And such devices, today is more simple in operation, but also has a safety device, so the security that is completely do not have to worry about, so can rest assured to operate, thereby direct guarantee of boiler equipment has been applied assured. That such a gas boiler equipment, should be able to be a lot of industry which will use the equipment, after the birth of such a device, people were thinking before heating, hot water and provide the required, can now become people will understand that the device, in that school, is among the companies can get a good application, has been widely used.

On January regular press conference, Secretary, Ministry of Environment environment atmosphere Liu Bingjiang said: Through the joint efforts of the whole society, national ambient air quality is generally improving. But issues of current emissions of air pollutants is still high, industry structure, energy structure is still prominent, air pollution control remains to be done.

2019 is to win the battle of the blue sky in tackling it. China Environmental Science Research Institute Professor Xue Zhigang said China is still partial to change the energy mix of coal to Beijing and Tianjin, for example, though not local, but coal consumption per unit area of ​​5 to 6 times the national, so to adhere to focus total coal consumption areas under control.

First, the structure of coal-based energy, coal pollution characteristics significantly. Shaanxi, Shanxi coal-producing province is also the province's coal consumption, coal consumption Fenwei plain more focused, coal accounted for nearly 90% of energy consumption, much higher than the national average of 60%.

Second, the emphasis on regional industrial structure, industrial pollution emissions from large. Fenwei plain alumina, coke, iron and steel, coal, chemical and other heavy chemical industry, small-scale enterprises, low level of equipment, and most enterprises have yet to achieve a stable discharge standards, ultra-low emission completion percentage less than the transformation of thermal power enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin the level of pollution control needs to be improved.

Third, the prominent road transport pollution, emissions from large heavy vehicles. Fenwei plain is an important channel Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi coal Sinotrans, common to road transport, heavy industry-oriented industrial structure to further increase the pressure of road transport.

Hebei Province in 2019 government work report, determined to win the battle of the blue sky, ultra-low emissions to accelerate the transformation of key industries and promote clean coal casual alternative, "scattered dirt" dynamic business continuity cleared, Hebei Province, the year will be 10 million tons of coal Yajian thermal power 500,000 kilowatts.

Tianjin in 2019 to promote low-nitrogen transformation and construction work clean diesel transformation of mechanical gas-fired boilers, in an orderly urban and rural residents clean alternative to coal for heating, PM2.5年均浓度持续下降. In addition, Guizhou, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other places have made the coal control target.

It is reported that, after the heating season this year, the Ministry of Environment will work with ecological scientific and reasonable arrangements around 2019 bulk coal management plan. Regional authorities will further strengthen joint prevention and control, continue to implement the autumn and winter tackling action in key areas. In the future, China will focus on promoting the Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas, as well as bulk coal governance Fenwei plains, to the 2020 heating season, the basic completion of the plains to live and bulk coal for heating in winter instead.