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Boiler Brand Dealer 4t Azerbaijan

Walking in the village, we can see that the sparse crowd, in front of the elderly chat and play with the children. Economic tide makes the village more than half of young workers out of the countryside towards the city diverse work environment also means that the child grows missing parental care. Walk to campus, low school buildings, overcrowded classrooms, lack of basic education all reflect the hardware of the mountains. The onset of winter, the mountains to cool the most obvious. The children in the hands of the cold and muddy drinking water, people can not help but feel bad. These difficulties and shortcomings, becoming fast boiler brand dealer 4t azerbaijan barbs lie in the hearts of all the staff, long linger in the mind.

1 t how much the price of one ton of hot water boiler brand dealer 4t azerbaijan hot water boiler how much the price? Currently the use of hot water boilers used for heating or enterprises are mostly in need of life. The current target is for heating companies and hotels, bathing majority. So, for heating companies in the procurement of boilers for the price it is quite concerned about. However, the factors that affect the price of the hot water boiler is mainly there is the configuration of tonnage auxiliaries. Recently, there is a fast boiler heating companies to consult want to buy a hot water boiler is mainly used for heating, for the water temperature is also a requirement. After the technician fast boiler for floor area and height of the actual heating plant needed to have a detailed understanding of the accounting data is out of the need for a hot water boiler units 1 ton on it. The current price of the hot water boiler models at around 12 million.

Auxiliary equipment includes gas steam boiler brand dealer 4t azerbaijan control cabinet, water supply pump, circulating pumps, burners, sub-cylinder, water treatment equipment, energy-saving, condenser and other; each has its high and low points of auxiliary equipment, auxiliary boilers for us do different specifications of configuration options, you can choose the actual needs of appropriate configuration and price.

In addition to transforming traditional industrial coal-fired boiler brand dealer 4t azerbaijans into natural gas steam boilers, measures can be taken to save energy in the operation of natural gas steam boilers. Xiaobian has compiled the following measures for energy saving of natural gas steam boilers:

1. According to the quantity of steam required for industrial production, the rated power of the natural gas steam boiler and the number of boilers are reasonably selected. The higher the matching degree between the two cases and the actual use, the smaller the smoke loss, and the more obvious the energy saving.

2. The fuel is in full contact with the air: let the right amount of fuel and the right amount of air form an optimal ratio for combustion, which can improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel, reduce the emission of polluting gases, and achieve the goal of double energy conservation.

3. Reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the natural gas steam boiler: reduce the exhaust temperature of the boiler and effectively use the waste heat generated in the exhaust gas. The efficiency of the common boiler is 85-88%, and the exhaust gas temperature is 220-230 °C. If the exhaust gas is used to reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 140-150 ° C, the efficiency of the boiler can be increased to 90-93%.

4. Recycling the heat of boiler sewage: By using heat exchange to continuously use the heat in the sewage, the water supply temperature of the itch water is increased to achieve the purpose of energy saving of the natural gas steam boiler.